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10 February 2019 @ 01:39 pm

Hello folks! I just joined the community recently, and have finally found some time to take pictures of my growing collection and make a post here. Work tends to keep me busy most of the week.

My name is Sandra, but you can just call me "Spooky". I live in the US up in the NW, so currently we've gotten a good amount of snow! I just adore winter, except maybe having to drive around in it haha. Maybe that's why Ice-type Pokemon are some of my favorites. Fire types would probably be my second, seeing as I am a fire-sign Sagittarius.

I recently started collecting some more Pokemon merchandise in the last year or two, and boy has my collection become large! I never imagined I would ever have gotten to this point, but having a decent paying job sure helps. Either way, I hope to continue to grow my collection as the years go on. I'm sure I will end up as that one lady who has rooms dedicated to it in the future! 

Without further ado, below the cut will be pictures of my current collection. (Warning: Will be picture heavy!)

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Well, that's about it for now. I will post new gets once I am able to, and I hope to become a prominent member in this community someday. Happy collecting everyone!

Kind regards,


10 February 2019 @ 06:24 pm
Just as a reminder, I have some auctions going for misc pokedoll items - stickers a tin/bucket, a notepad and notebook. The auctions end tomorrow evening at 9pm pst!
Link here: https://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/23819531.html?view=703011083#t703011083