February 13th, 2019


New Sales and Some Auctions for 2019!

Hi all :)

After some much-needed weeding and cleaning, it's time for some new sales! I cleaned out my closet and found lots of flats and weeded out many duplicate items from lots--especially Eevees. In addition to my sales, I also have some hard-to-find/rare items up for auction.
All of the items listed below and can be combined with anything in my regular sales--Pokemon, non-Pokemon, Funko--which has been updated, too.

To be transported to my Main Sales Booth, please click either the banner or the link below:
The auction will end February 18, at 9:00 PM Detroit time/EST.
Please click >HERE< for the countdown timer.

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Thank you for taking a look! If you have any questions, please let me know! I'll also have another update with new items hopefully this weekend or early next week :)
Until next time~


Day with Pikachu Funko

was anyone able to actually snag one of the Day with Pikachu Funko figures off the US PokeCen site? I spent hours last night just trying to get the site to load and I couldn't get it into my cart. I'm hoping they'll restock since they went so fast, but I doubt it

also there's flavor text on the back of the box that says "get [it] while you can — they won't last long!" which I thought was weird for box text but it's right lol

Battrio + Pokedoll Wants!

Hi guys!

Just wanted to share my pokemon battrio collection (started playing back in 2007) and I was wondering if you guys also heard of/ owned any! Out of curiosity, is anyone selling any hyper (ultra)/ master ball battrio chips?

Otherwise, I'm looking for a 2004 TTO Swampert/ Altaria/ Elekid/ Snover/ Houndour/ Wailord pokedoll and lowkey a larvitar plushplush so please give me a shout if you know where I should look (I've already checked the listings on ebay)!

Thanks for reading and have a great day guys! [IG: darandomfandom] 

My 3 sinnoh legendaries + battrio chips from 2007 - 2012
My 3 sinnoh legendaries + battrio chips from 2007 - 2012


Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a good Feb so far. (:

Random update on life. I got a couple of new pokemon stuff and i loveeee them all.

They are all under the cut if you wanna view the goods ;b

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Andddd that's it! Thank you for reading through.

Also if you are part of my SSS team, you should have received all your details. (: please do not hesistate to email/PM me if you have any problems/questions.

Thank you!

Plush Identification help?

Hello all! So while out an about, the thrifting gods looked down upon me and graced me with this giant floppy behemoth! He has a tush tag, and I did some googling, but I hope anyone else might be able to give me some insight as well as a price range for this lad!

So he's definitely in a loved condition and his tush tag has seen some better days. Any info on him would be greatly appreciated!

And as always, I am forever looking for this chunky Poliwhirl mirage (or any other Poli mirage, for that matter.)

And here's a quick, unashamed reminder for my sales!

- I received sales permission on November 21st, 2018 by areica96.
- You can find my feedback here (http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/crashdiamond182/)

Thanks in advance!

Ultra Shiny GX

Hello everyone ! Long time no see ! Sorry about that.

Well I am here because I recently fell in love with the Ultra Shiny GX Collection from the Pokémon TCG. In fact, I'm only interested by the shinies that are described as "secrets" in the set. ^w^

Here you have the list: https://jp.pokellector.com/sets/SM8B-Ultra-Shiny-GX

And I am searching for every card between number 162 (Rowlet) and number 243 (Drampa GX). Except Scyther, Pheromosa, Charmeleon, Riolu, Buzzwole, Guzzlord, Magnemite, Metang because I have them already.

Soo, if somebody has one of them by any chance, I will buy them or trade them (but I am french so my cards are mostly french, sorry). Thaaanks to all !


PokeBox Pin Sales, Perler Sales, and more

Hi folks, hope you're doing well! I have some sales that may be helpful for SSS :)

These Jumbo GX's are all in perfect shape but they have a natural curve going through them. Wailord does not have this curve. There is no damage to the actual card and they can be flattened out under a textbook without issue.
I would like to sell them in a lot for 12 shipped, but if you're interested in a specific one just let me know.

These I would like to trade for ex's or gx's I don't have, but if I don't get any offers and you'd like to purchase one, that's fine by me. Let me know and I'll add prices!

I also have these pokebox pins for sale - I'm a little hesitant to let go of Espeon and Leafeon but the others are up for grabs. I may let Leafeon go... I will probably keep Espeon.
I also have another glaceon pin not pictured - same condition as the others but without the wrapper
35 each

And finally, this is a link to my store! I can make most Pokemon not shown in the listings too - just send me a custom order request :)



Sales permission granted by entirelycliched Feb 2013
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/latias_latios_7/

**btw if you want better pics or closeups of anything, lemme know!

New Collection Page and Items

It has been awhile since I have posted and the reason is because I had to move my collection photos. I used to use flickr but after it was sold, they limited the free accounts so I moved to google. My collection page is now here:  Collection

While I was in the process of moving I did keep accumulating more items. Unfortunately I've only had time recently to add my newer stuff to my collection page because I had to move my 3,000+ photos first. But here is a hint of what I've received in the last few months:

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I need help to identify a Palkia figure :c

Hello, I've decided I want to collect some of Palkia's figures, but I wanna start with the big ones recently. I already have on the way both the 7" standard Jakks, electronic Jakks, standard and shiny Banpresto DX soft vinyl figures, and the TOMY Sofubi figure. But I've searched everywhere and cand find any other picture of this guy circled in red in the following pictures. I know for sure it's none of the ones I already mentioned. I know there's another bigger Banpresto figure out there but the one circled can't be it since the wing colors are different. Any help is really appreciated. For reference, second biggest figure in the pictures is the TOMY Sofubi, third biggest is the Banpresto DX.


Big Update Post (display setup, gets, a big big lot of stuff)

Hey everybody!! I meant to do this update MANY months ago, but kept putting it off (especially since i had a huge update post all typed up but i lost it when my computer rebooted unexpectedly and i'll die mad about it), so I'm determined to get through it now before it collapses into a black hole under the force of its own gravity. This one's got a little bit of everything: Laughter! Tears! Schadenfreude over me drastically underestimating the size and weight (and by extension the shipping costs) of a lot I won on Y!J Auctions! I don't want it to be too boring, so I'm going to do my best to organize everything in a way that makes sense. I'll also utilize multiple cuts to make it easier to read, maybe? Off we go!

Before I get into the real meat of this post- that is, a WAY bigger-than-expected box from ZenMarket- I'll go over some of my other gets from the past few months. They're mostly purchased from Y!J, though a few are from the comm and elsewhere.

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I probably missed some stuff, but that's it for the smaller packages this time around. Now let's get to the big one. The main event. The one single lot that cost me more in shipping than I have ever paid for one package in my LIFE. I've just been referring to it as the Monster Lot. (I think it won't seem so ridiculous to a lot of members of this community, especially those used to shipping or receiving oversized items, but it's a milestone for me.)

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So, moving on from that whirlwind of tchotchkes, I have a pretty exciting first to share, actually-- that is, the first photos I've ever shared of my current Jirachi collection display setup! I've made my fair share of gets posts, but for the first time, I have (a small part of) my collection actually being DISPLAYED in a way I feel happy with. It's a major work in progress, still; I have two more shelves to attach to the wall when I manage to stop procrastinating, and I want to come up with some kind of fabric hammock situation so I can display my plush nicely, but I'm pretty pleased with what I've done so far, regardless.

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Well! This has been... an unnecessarily long post, LOL. Thanks for reading!! My next priority is updating my shop, since I am desperately in need of space, haha. :'V I'm also hoping to continue adding to and improving my display setup. Plush are going to be my biggest challenge-- I want to find a way to display them where they won't be in the way, but also won't get too terribly dusty. Just for the sake of showing them off, though, here's a photo of [most of] my Jirachi plush grouped together!

a crowd of soff buddies