February 17th, 2019

ISO: Swampert Pokedoll

Hello! I'm in serious search for a Swampert Pokedoll, preferably a mint 2004 TTO one to complete my Hoenn trio- please do let me know if you know if you're selling one!

(Photo credits to the Pokemon Catalogue) 

Have a great day everyone :)

A surprising get!

Hello community ^_^

This will be a short post but I simply must share this with you! A month ago, I moved to my own home. Almost everything is in place, including those two buddies (you know, THOSE guys). I was having a house-warming party and got an amazing present from a friend of mine.

It's a lovely pillow and I absolutely love it! So soft and so green <3

I actually have nothing more this time but I have some other gets as well. I'll share them with you when they have all arrived. This is going to be a good year, I know it!
Until next time ^_^
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Small NYC Nintendo Store Gets

Hello all!

I went to NYC last weekend for a short trip and of course, had to stop by the Nintendo Store! It was the first time I went where there was hardly anyone in the store. It was refreshing!

While they had rather big Pokemon section, I was disappointed with their plush selection, hardly any pokedolls at all. BUT I was super excited to see they had last year's Halloween Pumpkaboo in stock and quite a few of them! I was in the Japan at the end of October/beginning of November last year and was sad to see that Pumpkaboo was sold out at the two Pokemon Centers I've been too.

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Also, I'm going to do a shameless sales plug. I really need to free up space in my home as I have so much stuff. I've added some new items to my sales page (pokemon and non-related) and I'm willing to haggle, but please do not be offended if I do not accept your offer.

I'm also willing to trade. Right now, I'm mainly looking for yurutto items and the Vaporeon pokedoll (as a surprise gift for my brother, who saw it and immediately fell in love. My sister asked me to buy one for her while I was in NY and he saw it).

Sales post can be found here and feedback is here.

Looking for some Japanese Pokémon Cards!

Hey everyone! I haven't posted on here in a while but I haven't given up collecting! With my Tomy collection close to completion I've been trying to finish up my card collection and have been looking for the following sets if anyone has them for sale;

The VHS half deck - https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Intro_Pack_(TCG)

I'm really just interested in the cards exclusive to this set.

The Vs. set - https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon_VS_(TCG)

Some of the vending series cards.

If anyone has any they're looking to sell let me know!
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A question/request? WCT wave 2

I have started collecting WCT figures last year and finishing Wave 1 figures collection was pretty easy (well, most of the figures) since there're many online stores selling those.
However Wave 2 figures seem to be hard to get online at the moment, especially the larger size figures. And the eBay prices are way~ higher then Target's for example, but I cannot order from them directly myself since I live in Russia and they just block my IP automatically.
I wonder if these are easier to find in stores and if anyone could do pick-ups if so.

The ones I'm missing are:

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Also, if any of the Wave 3 figures are up for sale already, I'd like to get those too for sure.

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2019 so far so good!

Hello community! I have been doing great and have gotten a few new pokedolls. (Fun fact: Leafeon's seller was selling $5k+ beanie babies).

It might not look like it but I have over 50 pokedolls in this photo.

When I am less lazy I will get them out of a pile =/

Oh yeah! one more thing. Anyone have a discord? My discord is a lonely place where tumbleweeds are my only visitors.

Id: Derpdude05#5030

If you are interested.

*Yawns* Goodnight.
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Looking to buy a Wooper Pokedoll

I'd like to buy a Wooper pokedoll in good condition. I'm willing to pay around $90 TTO and $180 MWT, but I'm willing to negotiate. Please leave a comment if you have one you'd be willing to part with, thank you!

(Also, I'm aware of the EUR TTO one on Ebay, I am not interested in it.)