February 21st, 2019

The new mouse in town!

Weeding Sales+Collection Update

Hello, everyone!  My name is Mouse.  Some might remember me.  Others...not so much.  I have been a member for 4/5 years.  I collect Ralts Line, Weedle, Seedot Line, and Sudowoodo Line.  (I know.  I am a strange sort of collector.  XD)  I adore my collection.  Hopefully, this will help my gifter out.
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Now, comes the weeding.  I promise myself when I started collection pokemon.  That if I couldn't display it then I wasn't going to keep it.  Pokemon shouldn't be in some box. It should be out.  Bringing happiness and smiles.   So, much to my heartbreak as I redecorating my room, I realize that I couldn't.  So, thus the weeding sales.  I keep a few things each line that I got rid.  A lot of items are in lots.  (Torchic, Empoleon, etc).  So, I can get rid of it quicker.  But I also have some fun items like Persona 4 and Final Fantasy plushies.  So, check it out!

P.S:  I know that there is a user looking for the Pichu/Togepi pin set! (I am sorry.  I forgot your name!)   I was able to find it!  It is in my sales post if you want to look at it!


WTB Last few Quagsire wants!

It kinda struck me how much Wooper stuff I've been getting lately, and that I've been neglecting my main man Quag. I'm on the lookout for these 5 Quagsire items. They're the last few Quagsire things I know of that I need. This is usually a long shot since there aren't too many people with extra Quagsire stuff but hit me up if you have any of these you're wanting to part with! I'm likely willing to pay whatever you ask for as long as it's reasonable.

A Day with Pikachu Figure Question

Does anyone know what's up with the Pokemon Center and this figure? It says it's in stock, but unavailable. It's been like this for a few days with no updates. Is there any hope of it being for sale again or is the Pokemon Center just being weird?

Alternatively, does anyone have a spare they be willing to sell? I'd happily pay more than 14.99, but I'm not willing to shell out $40 for one on eBay and I'd prefer to not support scalpers if I can help it.

Looking for Lugia 2009 Pokedoll

Hey everyone, thanks for helping me earlier on. With Britain coming to a major point in history at the end of March, my plush hunting may take a deep dive from upgrading my collection. As the value will drop significantly. While I'm looking for specific plush abroad, some I refuse to buy to keep myself from being financially unstable until I finish college. 

But there is one plush I'm looking for that I can afford quite well probably. And that maybe the Lugia 2009 minky pokedoll. Yes this is very specific and I'm not sure how much they would cost as I have seen them vary significantly priced before.

All I'm asking is if anyone knows how much they usually fair and of course, if anyone is offering up one for sale. I'll post a picture of one in a spoiler. Maybe I'll post a collection update after this event maybe. But for now, thanks for reading everyone. (Please let me know of any problems with this post)

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SSS sales :)

Hey guys, I'm official moving in April so I need some things gone. Everything is OBO!!! (Except for the sleepy Fennekin) PLEASE MAKE OFFERS!!!

Also, I updated my wants list a little more for SSS :) I've fallen in love with Zeraora, but the only plush of his that I like is the Chokkorisan one T.T I've also been trying to include wants within the $20 price range to make things easier :)

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
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These customs are free, just pay shipping. I just want them go to a more loving home :) they deserve it.