February 22nd, 2019

  • drampa

a surprising find!

Ever since I learned about that palkia and dialga edition ds lite ive been wanting one. So I check ebay every so often to look at the ones being sold. Most of them are fakes, but theres a couple geniune ones here and there that have always been in pretty rough shape. But a couple days ago I found a listing for one even cheaper than the fakes, and in pretty good condition. Well, I didnt even bother bidding because the buy it now price was so low. It came in the mail today and its even better than Id expected!
Pictures under the cut

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Weeding and Updated Sales!

I am weeding out some of my collections.
I just have too much with not enough room, and I want to focus on just certain pokemon now.
I have got to really stick to just certain ones and not get tempted by other cute figures and plush! Haha...Ha...ha xD;

So here is some weeding!!

Click the cut to see all the goodies!!


- I ship from Michigan, USA
- I will ship internationally, but please understand it is expensive and there is no real way to track it. So once it leaves my hands (I will have proof of shipment) I am no longer responisble for it. Same for in the US, once it leaves my hands I am no longer resonsible for it! I have no control over the post office :(
- Shipping+fees is NOT included, unless stated otherwise!!!
- Committments before quotes. please give your location/zip code when doing so for either so I can give you an accurate total!
- I will do holds sometimes
- I ship as soon as possible. Sometimes it will be a few days before I can get to the post office. I will usually do runs on Wednesday or Thursdays now.
- If an item comes with a box, please tell me if you wish to have it, and if you do, if it is ok if I flatten it for easier/cheaper shipping!
- I am WILLING to HAGGLE!! haha

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Still have a couple claims to fulfill for this terrarium set coming out in March! (I have already preordered it!)
s-l1600 (1).jpg
Pidgeotto + Pikachu - $12
Chikorita + Wooper - $12