February 23rd, 2019

WTB: Abra line merch & Flying/Bird type merch

Please accept PayPal. I am in the US (91803)

So I've not had any new feedback in a few years because I haven't been active in the community too much.  So, time to change that~

I'm looking for anything to do with the Abra line, not matter how small or obscure (even bootlegged stuff,  just let me know if its bootlegged please haha).
I also really like flying/bird type stuff, especially collages of all bird types. I don't have a particular favorite (except maybe Rowlett and Fletchling), but I really love bird types in general.  I know this is kind of obscure and vague "want", but feel free to link me your store anyway. I'll be happy to poke around~ I'm not sure what all is out there afterall.

A few definite wants:
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  • wteyywy

WTB some dedenne merch

Hello everyone !

I'm still trying to complete my dedenne collection .
By the help of the community ,thing goes well !

So ,under the cut ,those might be the last few dedenne merch I know of that I haven't got . Please let me know if you have them for sale ! <3

(I live in China ,but I have a middleman in US19122 to make shipping cheaper & convenient .)

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Thanks for reading ! Have a nice weekend!
  • drampa

looking for black ds lite stylus

Hello again! I recently got the pokemon edition ds lite which was perfect in every way except for the fact that its lacking a stylus. I purchased an old nintendo licensed ds kit but noticed the replacement styluses just dont look nearly as good as the ones that usually come with the console itself. Ive been looking around for one on ebay and amazon but cant seem to find anything other than reproductions.
So I was wondering if anyone has a spare original black ds lite stylus laying around they'd be willing to sell? I think the ones have a lil nintendo logo on them but I haven't seen a lotta original ds lite styluses to confirm this. I also don't know what they'd be worth, the only reference I have are the reproduced ones being sold online for a couple dollars for 3-5 styluses. Any information would be appreciated!!!