February 25th, 2019

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They just made the update here to allow people to ORDER THEIR CUSTOM SHIRTS THIS WEDNESDAY FEB 27TH AT 11:00AM!!! (Japan Time)


But of course they're not going to do any overseas shipping.  Atleast probably not for long while.  I'm just so in love with the Raticate one, and the Slowpoke one too!!!  I can't wait to see the rest of them!  But I was wondering if anyone had been thinking about placing orders on the behalf of those in the US?  If anyone is, I would very much like to hop aboard that train.  As an adult who loves Pokemon, these sort of products give me SO MUCH LIFE!!!  

Hello + Wants

Hey ! I'm lucie / Faky
I'm not a big collector but i like to hoard some goodies of my fan games such as mother, megaman and OF COURSE pokemon. but lately, it have been harder to find merch of my favorites one, so i've been recommended this site ! and i already found some merch i've been looking for a while and i'm very happy about !
i unfortunatly cant show my collection right now but will as soon as i can and show y'all the merch i ordered from here along with it !

SO here is it, i would be looking specifically for figure (kid ), charms and plushies !
I'm also VERY VERY interested in customs / handmade and if anyone is taking commission for these, please let me know !

Specially my favorite pokemon , most of them from GEN 5 :
reuniclus, golett/ Golurk, trubbish / garbodor, scrafty
Elgyem / Beheeyem, gigalith, yamask, cofagrigus, Frillish (female), Lilligant
sandygast / palossand, honedge / Aegislash

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also , since i cant show my collection right now, have a tiny look at this trubbish and sandygast statues i made for my own collection ! (not for sale but might consider doing commissions for them later)

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thank you<3 have a nice day ~