February 26th, 2019


a few wants! (clefairy + middleman?)

Hello! I'm looking for Lillie's Clefairy plush (or maybe a Shiny Mimikyu plush?) in good condition, preferably with tags and for less than on eBay. I'm not sure if it's particularly rare or not, but I'd love to get it for my girlfriend for her birthday (my goal is to make her cry!). I'd also be interested in any of the um, I can't recall what the line was called, but the figures and functional items for when you clean-up your pokemon with brushes and whatnot? Also any of the functional items like the hair-band holders, secret boxes, etc.

Potentially, I'd also be interested in Puttito figures? Especially of Eeveelutions if they're cheaper.

Lastly, it's unrelated to Pokemon, but if you live near a Gamestop that has this or especially this in stock, I'd love to pay you for them. I'm a big RE collector and unfortunately all my online friends (and I) live in an area they sold out within a week :(

I'd prefer to buy from the US to save on shipping, but I won't look down on a good good deal! Thank you so much for your time! c:

Another Gets Update! ^o^

Evening everybody!

Just got another good group of gets the last week or two, so I figured I'd share a few pics! Special thanks to schenzi, docgerbilsworld, kuro_kage_kun, and shadoweon for a few of these gets below the cut. Thank you guys. ^-^

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On another note, I was lucky to come across a listing for one of those Lotteria Glaceon snowglobes they just released in South Korea! Gotta say, she is very beautiful and definitely worth the wait. No issues with her box other than a slight..scrape(?) on the front of the box. It was packaged very carefully and arrived without a hitch! Pictures below the next cut.

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One last get would be the Greatball Alolapix Plush from Target! I had hoped I might run into her on this last trip to the store, and I was right! Her box was pretty damaged from being shoved into the back of a shelf, but the plush itself was clean and intact! Now I can cross her off my list. ^-^


Til the next collection update post! Thanks for looking.