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05 March 2019 @ 10:22 am

So I bought some of these from a seller this morning and I’d like to buy more! Looking for these (any color):

1x Alolan Ninetales

1x Night Lycanroc

1x Dusk Lycanroc

1x Buzzwole

1x Zeraora

1x Lucario

1x Zoroark

I don’t know what they are called, or which one have or have not been made, but I intend to use them as GX/ability markers for the TCG. If you have any info on where I can find some (off of LJ) I’d love to here from you aswell. Thanks!

05 March 2019 @ 10:36 am
Hey! I have lots of gets to share, including items from one of the 151 Boxes. Almost everything from this, along with some ddakji and numerous other items, have been posted to my sales as well.

Without further ado... let's peek at the 151 Box first! I had really wanted a lucky bag from earlier this year - I wasn't able to score one, so I jumped on the chance to get one of these instead. Wakuwakumono was able to snag me one.

Unboxing!Collapse )
Weaviles!Collapse )
ddakji!Collapse )


My sales have been updated with many of the items in this post, and more. Please do take a look! As usual I may be a bit slow to reply, so bear with me. I do have the day off though so I'll be checking periodically.
05 March 2019 @ 04:15 pm


I recently got the My151 box in the mail, and I am currently editing the video of my unboxing!

As much as I love all the items I got, I decided to part with some to go towards THE BIG FURRET FUND (which is almost complete!)

There is one item I cannot decide if I want to part with, though, and was wondering if anyone would like to trade
In the box I got a Pokemon Time Cosmog plush, which is inside a very nice box!

If anyone has a different Pokemon Time plush that they would like to trade for this one, let me know what you have!

Also, if someone purchases a large amount of items or one of the larger plush, I would be willing to ship it out in the My151 box! :)

Without further ado, here are the sales!


SALES!Collapse )

05 March 2019 @ 06:33 pm
Hello! :D

It's been a while I don't post here, but my collection started growing again and I'd love to share my new gets with you! 😊

First of all, my biggest grail, the one I thought I'd never be able to catch someday: the Tomy DX Dragonite! ❤

A beautiful and big DragoniteCollapse )

A friend of mine was in Japan last month and brought me all these cute stuff:

And this AMAZING Dragonite plush! 💕

I'm really happy to see new faces on my Royal Garden (my Snivy collection)! I still need to give they the attention they deserve, but here are some pictures I've done! 💕

Pictures!Collapse )

Thanks for reading! 💕
05 March 2019 @ 10:26 pm
Long time no see. I feel like every time I make a post I end up reintroducing myself. I emerge from my hole once every year or so with a question or something and a few wants. I collect Sylveon and Glaceon items. Plush primarily. My collection is probably about 5 years old now. I don’t super actively add to it much anymore for a few reasons but on occasions it gets a few additions. It’s still my conversation starter for visitors who catch a glimpse at my pink and blue shrine.

Onto the real questions. Possible wtb(want to buy)
Legit, artist rip off, or creative bootleg? Who can tell.Collapse )

Thankyou lovelies!💕