March 6th, 2019

Kuttari collection

Kuttari series are my main collection and over the years I collected 34 of these cuties! Check out the huge pile below. ^ ^ I collect mostly the sleepy ones but have some awake ones in my collection as well. I started collecting in 2016 when the last wave was released and my first one was Cubone, it was love at first sight and since then I've been addicted. <3 So I was really excited when they were re-released last year. I'm praying they will release Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble as kuttaris!
I collect the tags as well but unfortunately misplaced Cubone's so let me know if you'd be willing to yours.
Any other kuttari lovers here? Would you like to see gen 8 starters released?

Wants: shiny beast pokedoll

Hello friends! So I've finally come to the decision of starting to hunt one of these elusive grails and if by chance, preferrably one that's MWT. I'd like to see your prices first if possible and hopefully this will be a good start, thank you :)

TCG and Bootleg Plush SALES

Recieved sales permission: 19 October 2013 by entirelyclinched
My feedback is here:

  1. Paypal, Cash app, Facebook Messenger only

  2. US only, international shipping can be discussed

Looking for: 
Abra line related merchandise
Abra applause plush
Abra banpresto plush
Abra/Kadabra Tomy figures

I'm not really looking to buy too much since I'm moving to China in a few months.

For TCG:

  • All cards are mint/near mint unless state otherwise

  • I will take extra pictures for serious inquiries

  • Basic shipping is $1.50, Bubble Envelope $4.50, Priority Flat Rate Envelopes are $8.00

  • Intl. Shipping for flats in a bubble envelope is about $14.50

  • Will haggle for orders over $20

TCG Sales
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Plush Sales

Everything here is cheap, non-lincensed/bootlegged except the Rowlet and snowy owl ty plush. The bootlegs I won at an arcade.
All prices have shipping included! Will lower price for people buying multiple things

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GETS! + Pokedoll legitimacy check

Hey guys! I am pleased to say that I finally got to pick up my second ever Wakuwakumono package today! Since I was introduced to proxy services in December, I have been hooked on collecting in a whole new way. It's really exciting! I'll also be including a few items I have received from fellow comm members and elsewhere. Anyways, lets see what I got! ^^

(Also, please scroll to the bottom if you'd like to help with the Pokedoll legitimacy check. Thanks!)

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Zeraora is almost here!^.^

So, my shipper just informed they got my Zeraora late today so it will be shipped tomorrow.  So, I should have it by Friday/Saturday.  Would you guys prefer a video or just pictures like below? I'm so excited! x_X  This guy is only 6 inches smaller than me. lol