March 7th, 2019

Beta, Ray, Bill

HS Charizard Zukan & Scyther TFG

Hello again everyone!
New zukan set, HS Studios Charizard:
The Pokestudios Charizard is still the best though,
maybe the best looking Pokemon thing I own...
Also, I’ve decided not to give up collecting TFG figures after all!
Got Scyther and Skarmory (double):
They’re a pleasure to look at-
Skarmory is incredible,
as is Scyther with those transparent wings...
You know, tho, It’s difficult to know which ones to keep.
TFG rarity is pretty unreliable...
So just a few favourites and I'm happy.
Bulbasaur pic

Build a Bear Bulbasaur, Plush want

Hey guys ! ^^ im looking for a BAB bulbasaur plush, I never got to get one before they stopped releasing them ;o; I actually planned to get one during the pay your age event, but if you look that up you'll see how that ended up ^^u

If you have one your willing to sell or seen one floating around for sale, id love to purchase, Thank you <3

It doesnt matter the condition, im just looking for one ^^