March 9th, 2019

Checking Pokedoll Authenticity


I bought a Lugia Pokedoll through checking on and checking if they can ship to the UK. (They did). While, i'm grateful for the service and I'm probably wrong. But I am horribly paranoid over everything like this. So I apologise in advance.

But would it be possible to check if the authenticity of this pokedoll. It does have a crook in the neck, but so do some of my other pokedolls and I'm not bothered by it. But the underside of the tag feels wierd but that can be normal. It's a 2009 model with the hangtag and everything. I'll post the pic in the spoiler.


The plush has darker colouring to the eyes and back spines. (Unlike a normal purple ones found on bootlegs).  The head is not buried into the neck. So I doubt it is but I'm silly with these things. Yes those are dirt stains, I bought it being aware of it.
Thank you so much for all of the help.

Major want

hello guys! I've been on the hunt for a certain poke doll for a while and was wondering if any of you have one that you would be willing to sell.

This Aipom plush was the first pokemon plush I've ever owned, and unfortunately I lost him a long time ago. I had many wonderful memories with it, and would love to be able to have one again. Unfortunately there are none on ebay or anywhere else, that I've seen. If anyone is willing to sell theirs or could point me in the right direction I'd be so grateful! Thanks!

The new mouse in town!

Updated Sales

I updated my sales with new items and lower the price on some of my lots.  I also have TCG sale going on and looking for a trade for any of my lines (Ralts Line, Seedot Line, Weedle, Sudowoodo)