March 11th, 2019

A Few New Gets!

Hello again!

Just dropping in for another gets update. Pictures below the cut! ^-^

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That's all for now. Til the next update! Also, I guess I should probably throw together a wants list at some point. Alas, I think there would be too much on it at the moment, unless I narrowed it down to grails and harder to find things. Hmm. Guess I will think on that haha.

Thanks for looking!
noidea--by me

Auction time!

Hey, it's been a while. Anyway my feedback is and I was granted selling permission before we had to keep track of who granted it to us.

I have some nice stuff for auction under the cut so please take a look. Prices are in USD and I ship from Oregon, United States. Please bear in mind shipping will be extra.

The auction will run until Friday the 15th 22nd at midnight Pacific time. I accept PayPal as well as personal checks though be advised that I have to wait for them to clear before mailing your item.

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Gets, small sales, wishlist

reposting so I can add cuts this time, forgot the first time sorry!

I have a few weeks before my other items come in, so here's an update!

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Thanks for making it this far! Everything is in detail on my collection site here if you'd like to see it!