March 12th, 2019

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Hi all~~ Finally put up the leftovers from my Pikapika bag and My151 box up on my sales~ Here are the goodies in full, though I'm only initially selling certain things:

Also updated with some other various recent things I've gotten and still have a few more I need to put up from recent gachas and such. XD Feel free to come poke me if you're on the hunt for something specific and I can let you know if I've got... owo

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )


The moment has finally arrived everyone!  My Zeraora has finally shown up via UPS.  I've also made a short video to illustrate the scale and size.  It won't be as long (only a minute long), but I hope it suffices anyway.  Please enjoy under the cut below!  Thanks for all the comments on my previous post.  It was very enjoyable reading and responding to your comments.  If you have any questions related to Zeraora, please let me know and I'll do my best to answer.  Plush like these don't come by very often!

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My151 Unboxing! + sales

As mentioned in an earlier post, I was working on getting this unboxing video of the My151 box uploaded!

Well, its finally here!

Not shown in video: The My151 stickers I got were wedged underneath the bottom of the box! I got Seaking, Tangela, and Shellder!

There are a few things I ended up putting up for sale, which can be seen here!