March 15th, 2019


Sales post update!

After months of dragging my feet, I've finally updated my sales post! My inventory has more than doubled, with well over a hundred individual items added in this batch. There's a lot of variety, from small items like can badges and charms/keychains/straps to figures, plush, kitchenware, stationery, and more. Click here or on the banner below to visit!


- Sales permission was granted in 2009 by lineaalba.
- This is a permanent sales post, and is open unless specified otherwise on the post itself!
- I'm open to reasonable offers, especially on multiple items. I also now have a wants list (with no pictures, but, y'know, it's better than nothing), and though trades aren't my top priority, I will definitely consider full or partial trades, especially for Gloom items!
- I'm located in the US, and can ship internationally, but if you're worried about shipping costs, please ask for a quote before committing.
- All other rules + info can be found in the post itself.
- I try to give price quotes as quickly as possible, but work has kept me very busy lately, so I may not be as quick to reply as I would like; wait times should still be under 24 hours. Thanks in advance for your patience!

rowlet collection update!

Gotten quite a few extra pieces since I last posted. Still missing a couple pieces that I still want like the terrarium and tree stump from rement but i'm very happy with what I have so far! I've fallen in love with the mega construx sets I didn't like them before but they're so charming. 

Shiny Entei

SSS Post with a Grail Get!

Good Morning Everyone! So I got my package yesterday when I got home and I had a pokemon covered package waiting for me! I didn't take a photo of it before I (unfortunately) ripped it open, not even thinking about SSS because I'm bad and I'm constantly buying Pokémon :x (don't worry, I didn't end up getting any duplicates in my SSS! I avoided things I had on my wants list).

So I open it up and out pops this note!

Oh my gosh!!! It's my SSS gift!!! Oh man! I'm super excited! Already I love it, there's one of the best Pokémon on the note! Sorry for my bad "photo editing". I have to use my work laptop since I don't know if I'll have time to post tonight and I REALLY wanted to share this awesome SSS gift this year! Here's a better look at the note:

My generous gifter was fairychrissy! I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! It's still kind of surreal!!!

Find out the amazing gifts I got from fairychrissy under the cut!

So I open the package and I have these awesome little gifts taped up in tissue paper

I absolutely love this! All wrapped up in little Pokémon deco tape! :) I do this sort of thing where I get a bunch of gifts for someone one then wrap them all and put them in one box and wrap that box so it's multiple little gifts in one! I love it!!!

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big sales update!

Hey guys! I've completely redone my sales page - I have a ton of plush, figures, charms, stickers, and various items :D I ship from the US and I'll ship anywhere! Haggling/offers are also welcome on anything, feel free! Click HERE or on the photo below if you're interested. Thanks for looking! C:

SSS Pikachu Party!

Hi everyone! Here is my post about my SSS gets :) Sorry for the delay, I have been really busy with school and didn't get a chance to post until now.

Thank you to fluffyferret for the amazing Pikachu Items! I'm so happy with the additions to my collection :)


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I will update my collection and post about it soon, just gotta do some reorganization. Hope you all have a great weekend, and thanks again to Fluffyferret for bringing such cheer with the SSS package!