March 19th, 2019

Does anyone have a comparison of all the Pokemon Metal Collection finishes?

There's some auctions on Y!J for Quagsire metal collection figures and there's a goldish one I've never seen before, but I can't tell if it looks like that from the lighting or if it's one I'm missing. The PKMNCollector wiki says Johto figures possibly come in gold, silver, copper, brass, and pewter, but I don't know how some of the colors differ.

Does anyone have a set of Metal Collection figures from the Johto series with all the finishes that I could use for comparison? Any pokemon is fine, I just want to see the colors.
marie antoinette black

The most recent gets and a few grails!

So, almost all of my packages have arrived! I surely didn't expect to get this much stuff this time but I found some really good things. I have a few of my grails here too! I'm super excited to share these. I'm not going to to share photos of everything because I seriously did not expect the Banpresto UFO Litten to be that big. All of my other Banpresto plushies are tiny so it was a surprise when I opened the box today. Also got another Banpresto UFO Litten and TOMY Suyasuya Friend plush. Also got TOMY Espeon and Umbreon PitaPokés. I really like these so I maybe have to get other Eevelutions too ^^'...

All the other pictures are under the cut!
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