March 28th, 2019

US Pokecen Additions

Hey guys! The US Pokemon Center website has been updated with new Fit plush (including the very expensive Butterfree that has been sold out in JP for a while), as well as the microbead Ditto and Dittochu cushions, a new Team Rocket line and Mochi plush!

The new Rainy Day Pikachu figure also released today, however it sold out very quickly! The website currently says it's available but you cannot add it to your cart, it will just give you an error. I was able to get my 3 before they sold out!

Edit: They just fixed it and allowed people to buy them again!

Question: Anyone taking Group Buys/claims? + Kalos Kid figure prototype images

Hey everyone, hope y'all had a good March this month, things have been turning around for me from here to there and all around my life so far, but it ain't anything too bad.

But anyways, straight to the point here I have a question for those that do group buys and/or claims, is there anyone able to claim the upcoming Pokemon Kids set featuring the Kalos Pokemon that never got made?

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(Not shown off is Magearna and Volcanion)

Additionally, I've heard that these might be some exclusive to this "Bandai Premium" club thing and... I have no idea how those go so I hope someone here comments about this unusual ordeal.

Additionally, I am looking at Bergmite, Avalugg and Diggersby from this set to purchase, so if anyone is indeed taking claims for these please let me know!

SSS Gets and Reintroduction!

Hey everyone! I've been on and off this community a few times since like 2013? But I am back with a VENGEANCE and by vengeance I mean I finally managed to put together a collection website! If you're interested, you can check it out >>here!<<
I collect Silvally, Sceptile, and Espurr but my main big favorite collection is Zoroarks! I'm currently at 118 unique items and with my Secret Spring Swap package from lordboop arriving in, theres about to be one more (minus the adorable drawing on the box)!

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