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29 March 2019 @ 04:19 pm
Hello! the lively lillie kotobukiya figure has been restocked. If you missed out on it before, now's a good chance to save some money on it!

29 March 2019 @ 05:32 pm

I'm looking for a larvitar plushplush- also on the look out for the following pokedolls: duskull, budew, groudon absol, altaria, houndour, noctowl, natu!

Thanks for reading :)


ThinkGeek has a buy one get one free deal on clearance when you use the promo code: OMGFREE

This includes both the Treehouse (Pikachu, Fenenkin, Fletchling, Oshawott) and House Party (Pikachu, Epicu, Emolga) Pokemon Petite Playsets!