April 1st, 2019

Spring Swap! ☆

I haven't been very active here in a while, but I plan to change that in the near future, while also working on my collection display and collection website. I'll post a lot of updates to document the process!

My SSS package arrived last Friday! Until yesterday, I had been away in DC for cherry blossom viewing, so I got the package when I returned.

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original stitch pokemon shirt!!!

I don't think I have seen any posts about anyone getting their Original Stitch shirts yet? I apologize if there's been and I just missed them ;;

So, yeah, I placed my order as soon as they were available the first time (with a limited selection of Pokemon). After a little over a month, my shirt was ready and shipped to my Tenso address, from which it was finally sent to me.

Let's start from the fancy box! I already feel like an Important Person just by holding it.

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This should be all for this time. Even though I have the feeling I am forgetting something important.... guess I'll make another post if I remember in the next few days XD

I'd post my want list as I usually do, buit since I'm still waiting for my SSS I wouldn't want to get doubles ;)

So yeah, this is REALLY all. Thanks for reading and happy collecting! ^^

Collection Update! Lot's of awesome gets.

AH! Hello everyone! I have a big update with my collection and a ton of people to credit for helping me get so many grails of mine :D Some including moko moko Slowpoke and Psyduck, Corphish Hasbro plush, Giratina Origin Pokedol MWT, and even a Buizel Pokedoll in great condition! Without further ado, the photos! Warning: a tiny bit photo heavy.

Before the two packages I got today.
Before the two packages I got today.
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Super Discounted Plush Sales! Wholesale Pokemon Lots!

Hello hello all! i just got back from Japan and i restained myself so much... I only bought 1 pokemon plush!!! haha my plush are over flowingfrom the box they are in though so I am still looking to sell some. They are at super low prices since i just want to get them out of my house so i can de clutter!

My Main shops are closed and may not re open as i am listing lots of ebay as of now, sorry!

If you are looking to buy a bucnh of one pokemon or something in a lot, please let me know and i can make a discounted bundle for you. I already made figure lots for Charmander Line, Bublasaur Line, Squirtle Line, Mew/Mewtwo, Legengary Birds, Gen2 Starters (all three in 1 lot), Sceptile Line, Blaziken Line, Swampert Line, Deoxys, Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquaza , and some other lines. pleae let me know if youre interested and i can send pictures.

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Lastly Kid figure random lots are availabe! (minimum 20 qty order). My kid figure store is perminantly closed and I am only selling in random lots.

QTY: 20-50= 1.5$ each
QTY: 51+= 1$ each

Item Value

Hey guys, I recently bought 2 sets of the Eevee Tamagotchis, and paid about $90 for each set. Selling separately I've seen the yellow ones go for $60 to $80 and the pink go for $45 to $60. I joined a Tamagotchi-collecting Discord today, and they told me I overpaid by a lot and should have only paid $20 for each. Is this true? Have I just been purchasing them in the wrong place? Living in the U.S. I didn't know where else to buy them other than off eBay scalpers.