April 4th, 2019

Looking for Zukan (Chinese Zukan mainly) + question about Chinese Zukan+ Help cleaning Banpresto fig

Hello! So as the title says I'm looking for help regarding 3 subjects, so I crammed it all in one post to avoid cluttering the group.

1. First of all I'm adding these Zukan in my wants list. They are mainly from DS Studios and King Studio. I'm also not necessarily looking for them complete or new, mainly just the last evolution or mega evolution. They could be used if they don't have any major scratches, scuffs, dents, etc (I will be doing a shiny repaint on some of them). They are not in any particular order. Some of them haven't been released yet but it you are looking to sell your pre-order I'm also interested. So here it goes:

1.1 Poke Studios Zukan Steelix (normal color, new is preferred but could be used if it doesn't has any scuffs, dents, scratches etc).

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Hello all. 

I wanted to get sales permission but it seemed very complicated to get started so i never got around it. This is my first of 10 (?) mandatory posts. I'm a resourceful pal so i think i can deal with that...   

To start with and make things simple, these are some of the things i plan on selling;  Please let me know if i can improve on something or i'm doing something wrong. : )

Reversible Treecko plush (into a Pokeball). Never been used.
Reversible Treecko plush (into a Pokeball). Never been used.
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Collection updates

I updated my collection page and added the new Tokyo DX plushies

I also added my new Detective Pika items. The 7-11 items, Mega Construx, and WCT items. I'm still waiting for the Tomy plush to be released.

The List of my updates are here by date:

My collection's main page is here:

Grail-y get!

I received something very cool from my middleman today (People who watch my IG stories may recall I actually won this auction months ago but waited a bit to get them shipped)...

PC shiny Gyarados AND Magikarp plushies!!! Ugh I've wanted the Gyarados for ages but couldn't really justify buying it, and then this lot popped up on yahoo auctions for a STEAL. Both Gyarados and Magikarp have a few small stains and their white parts are rather gray-ish as well but that can probably be sorted out easily.

Gyarados is so nice and soft and detailed, and posable too. His pattern is THE SHIT. And Magikarp, well... he's a bit of a misshapen fellow but cute nonetheless and a must-have for my Magikarp collection.

Gyarados is about the same size as the PC dragonair plush! They're so cute together aww <3

Side note: if anyone has a Miltank or Smeargle kutakuta plush for sale I may be interested (they're the old towel fabric beanies).

(Also I'm not getting notifications from Lj anymore so if I'm slow with responding, that's the reason why ;o;)

Recent arrivals + Arceus wants

Back again with another update ! I got some new god ponies in, along with smaller zukan and other fun stuff. Still got things in the mail, but they'll be a while. I've re organized my collection, displayed my favourite stuff, but have everything else packed away until I move out of my apartment !
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Onto the wants ! I am accepting trades for these items.
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