April 6th, 2019

Meltan tomy get !

I know you guys don’t know much about me yet but I’m a super big fan of tomy figures. I don’t really like plushies to much but when it comes to small figures they’re my weakness.... when I saw that a tomy meltan was essentially lifesize for him I knew I had to have it for my desk I’m so happy (; I really hope we get a melmetal one soon!

weird request

so a bit of a weird ask but does anyone her know of or would be willing to make a custom bath buddy like toy?  im going on a vacation to the Caribbean soem time this year and would love to have a silvally to swim with me please any help woyld be great

updated sales + two questions

Hey guys! I'm posting today with two questions and a sales update (also updated my non pokemon sales for the first time in forever)!

First, click here or the banner to go to my sales! This includes some of the new 7-11 merch for detective Pikachu, as well as some heavily discounted stuff I just want gone!

I'll put my questions below the cut!

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