April 7th, 2019

Gumshoos sand attack(?)

Galar Starters Easter Baskets!

Hi everyone! Today I have these awesome easter baskets of the gen 8 starters for sale! I've spent the last few weeks working on them and I really like how they turned out! The new starters are very cute and I absolutely love all 3 of them so I thought it'd be cute to make some themed Easter baskets for all 3 of them.
I have all the details and pictures under the cut
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Thanks for looking at my post!

Whoever figured out this method, thank you very much!

This isnt about a pokemon plush in particular. But if you own one it involves caring for one. I just bought a Tomonui plush of Mitsuki from Boruto recently and found a orange stain in his hair! 😢 Dont know if it was there when I got it or it got stained from something else. But I wasnt upset, thanks to the board's past posts on cleaning plushies I knew what to do! I put a drop of mild laundry detergent into a cup of warm water, and dipping a soft toothbrush into it first I lightly scrubbed the plush in the direction of the fabric. After a few strokes the stain was gone! After letting the spot air dry there was no sign of the stain or of me cleaning it! This is a great method for spot cleaning plushies and I want to thank whoever posted long ago on this board for a great tip! 😁
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SSS is here *o*

Hello everyone!

My sss gift arrived some time ago and today I finally had some time to take pics!

Here we go!
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I'm still working on my gift, should have it shipped after weekend!
Thank you all for looking and thank you again for amazing gifts <3
All the best you guys, have a great Sunday!
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Tin Group Buy/Auction; AUCTION WON

Hello everyone!

I've come with a nice big lot filled with all sorts of tins :)
If anyone would like to volunteer to help me out with ordering and shipping it would be much appreciated but if not I'll be able to handle everything ^o^

there's only about half a day left so get your bids in!!


If a thread gets a bid within two minutes of the ending time there will be a two minute extension for each additional bid

This will give me enough time to place the bid and make sure we win <3

For better photos of all the tins take a peek here!

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Please bid with increments of $1

The following tins are claimed:
Me: Polvorones pokedoll tin, both butter cookies tins w/ pichu

Tins available for bidding:
Lugia/Ho-oh and Starters Tin
Small pikachu pokedoll Tins (5)
Small lucario pokedoll tins (3)
Skitty/Pika/Bulbasaur Polvorones tin
Sea pokemon (pikachu on top) tin
Shaymin tin
Orange top tin
Coin bank tin
White top Gen 6 tin
Gen 3 legendary pokedoll tin
Wailmer balloon tin
Pika/Eevee/Piplup Anniversary tin
Shiny Genesect tin
Lilligant tin
Christmas tin
PIka/Castform tin
Eevee multi-cube tin
Pika/fletchling tin
Small Eevee/sylveon tin
Love/heart tin
Mini pikachu/starter pokepark tin
Mini johto legends pokepark tin
'M' mudkip tin
'P' pikachu tin
Lenticular sinnoh tin
Ghost Show tin
Ray/grou/kyo tin
Cinccino tin

Please do not bid until this line is crossed out!

Bid away!
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Intro/In Search of Giant Latios Plush

Hello! I’m glad to finally be a part of this community. As I’ve been lurking for a while. I’m not sure how I should introduce myself but I go by Ly and Me and my bf are huge fans and collectors of Latios and Latias. Here is a photo of some of our favorites in our collection.

I’m also in search of the Giant Latios Tomy Plush and I know they are pretty rare. I’m hoping I could do a payment plan on him if possible. I do want Latias too but I dunno if a long payment plan would be okay. So for now I’m on the hunt for Latios first! If anyone has one for sale and can do payment plan please let me know! And any help would be grateful. Thank you!