April 10th, 2019

Pokémon Mini Mug Claims + Still have 3 claims left on Bottlecap Figures

Hey everyone! I just won this new lot here of mini mugs of Hoenn Pokémon! This is a pay when the items are in hand!
You can click on the image to make them larger. These will be $6 each plus shipping from me to you! Claims = a committment so if you back out, negative feedback will be left. If you claim a mini mug and claim something from the bottle cap claims I'll discount your order!

Pikachu: jarshaarashi
Gulpin: film
Wynaut: film
Spoink: 12mermaid

Don't forget I also still have some bottlecap figure claims:
Swampert, Plusle/Minun, and Squirtle are still available
  • coh33d

Taking any offers!

Hey everyone,
I’m trying to part ways with my series 3 1:1 scale Pikachu Plush. I absolutely love him, but I really need the space. He’s in perfect condition and really needs to go to a loving home where he is appreciated more.

If anyone is interested please feel free to make an offer on him.

Sales permission is located on my profile. I’m on mobile at the moment so it’s hard to maneuver on here.

Thanks so much!