April 13th, 2019

Odd question - LF PMD merch (and specific seller/item)

Hey all!

So I hope questions like this are allowed - please let me know if it isn't! - but something's been bugging me.

I stalk this community pretty regularly and I always like to check out what sales posts are offering even though I don't buy things very often.  For...probably over a month (sorry I don't have a good sense of time!!) I was watching a seller who had a TTO Jakks Pacific PMD Piplup plush for sale.  I'm not very good at memorizing usernames apparently, even though I had a few guesses to who it might've been.  I'd already spent my money on plushies for the month so I unfortunately didn't have any extra funds, and was planning to buy it if it was still around once I did get the money.

But for the life of me, I can't remember who posted the journal and I can't find the sale anywhere.  I scrolled through pages of the PKMNCollector's community, clicking on every sales post and sales bump, I even checked the comments on a few of the sales I thought it might've been on, but I couldn't find anyone buying the piplup.  The plush was in a group picture and I don't think everything else had sold, plus I can't seem to find the exact same background in any of the sales pictures which I think is weird.  I feel like I've hallucinated the whole thing given how good of a price the plush was for PMD merch (like to clarify, I was broke cause I'm still in school and I don't actually have a job lol, the price was perfectly reasonable and I kind of expected the plush to be gone before I worked up the money, but it didn't sell for a few weeks so I was thinking it'd still be there) even though it probably just sold and for whatever reason I can't find the record of it.

But just in case it didn't and I really am just blind and can't find it, I just wanted to ask - does anyone remember that listing, or was the seller of it, and does anyone know what happened to it?  I'm wondering if the sales reminders were just deleted to clean up clutter, and that's why I can't find it.  I don't need to know who bought it or anything if it did sell (although if you want to come forward, go ahead) - I just wanna make sure it did sell before I commit to anything else!  I by no means want to heckle the person who did buy it, and I hope you enjoy the addition to your collection :D I just genuinely can't find any proof it was sold, so I want to make sure it was, that's all.  I'm glad it went to another good home if it did sell!

But speaking of committing to other things, if anyone else has any jakks pacific pmd plush - or other pmd merch - for sale... feel free to let me know or link me to your sales!  I'm looking for things in the $20 range like the aforementioned piplup (not including shipping, of course, but hopefully shipping should still be in the upper $20s) but feel free to link me to more expensive stuff too even if I probably can't afford it atm.

Thank you for reading and please let me know if I should delete this or not!


Pokemon Voodoo Doll Charms: New Starters Auction & Custom Slots

I'm back again with some more Pokemon voodoo charms! Some for auction and some open custom slots. So if you're interested I'd be really happy if you took a look under the cut! Gen 8 hype! I made the new starters this time; Grookey, Scorbunny, Sobble, up for auction and at least 5 custom slots open. Thank you for taking a look!

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10 LOTS ON EBAY! Link below....

Hi comm!

Today I took the plunge and finally listed all my remaining stuff for sale in lots on eBay. I need this stuff out and would love it to go to good homes with a few comm members so the link is below!

Try this link first -

If not...

If not, maybe this will work?

And if not (there has been some problems with the links), search “seller:ims-sales Pokemon” not sure if this works online but should work on the mobile app.

(I’ve just added all the links that have been working for people XD)

(Please note they’ve been listed on my dads account amongst his other things so just search for the Pokemon stuff through the rest ^_^).

Thanks again!

My Sales Permission was granted by areica96 on 21/11/2018

Here’s my feedback - http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/stocky101/

SSS is here! + a few updates

Hello community ^^

I am really enjoying reading peoples' SSS posts. Now it's my turn :) When arriving home from work on Friday, I found a note in my mailbox. It said a package is waiting for a pick up. I knew it's gotta be my SSS. I got my hands on it today and I was like a kid at Christmas eve! What could be in it? I have absolutely no idea!

This is going to be a little longer post, so make yourself comfortable :)

A rather small box with a word "fragile" on it. The package is smallish but its contents is HUGE!


My gifter was schenzi Oooh, so many wrapped things! I wonder what should I open first? Going from the smallest to the biggest!

Some stickers of my favorite Pokémon. A super cute Treecko keychain. Not to mention some badges and a Grovyle! Sweet!

Next, a mega Sceptile sheet(?) from ink promotion! Oh my, its so cool! I'm actually not sure how it should be used but I think it's meant to be put on a wall. That's what I'm going to do! If someone has a better idea, please tell me!

Moving on. So this was the "fragile" one :D OMG OMG! I'm totally speechless! What a great looking picture. And it's framed! I must find a proper place for it!

Moving on to the last one! Before I unwrapped it, I thought "this can't get any better, can it". Man was I wrong!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA! NO WAY! I MUST BE DREAMING! It's a Treecko plush but it's dressed like Sceptile! I simply can't find any words to describe it. What a surprise!

Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou schenzi! I loved everything <3 You made me feel like a spoiled brat :D Many hugs and kisses!

Other day, I decided to count how many different items there are in my collection. Well, it didn't go well :D After over 40 plushies and almost a hundred other items, I lost my count and was too lazy to start over XD If I counted everything, the total would go way over 200. And these are Treecko line items only! And by this SSS gift, there will be over a dozen more :D

By the way, guess who is celebrating his first anniversary? That's right! It's pretty much exactly a year since my beloved Saturn was finished! A couple more weeks and it's been exactly a year since I unboxed him!

Spring has really taken a leap here in Finland. It's only two and a half weeks until we celebrate May Day (vappu in Finnish)! During May Day, all those who have graduated from high school (including me!) will wear these fancy looking white hats. In Finland, this hat is the symbol of high school education. Here's Treecko wearing my hat. It suits him pretty well doesn't it :D

Finally, I have a treat for you! The following problem will be in my next maths exam.

Professor Oak and professor Birch met each other at professors' seminar held in Galar. They had the following conversation:
"If I remember correctly, you have three Pokémon in your laboratory. Isn't that correct, professor Birch? I wonder how old they are now."
"That's right, professor Oak! The sum of their ages equals today's date. In addition, the product of their ages is 36."
"I'm sorry, professor Birch, but that doesn't tell me the ages of your Pokémon."
"That's right, professor Oak! I forgot to mention that the youngest Pokémon has a gorgeous, long green tail!"
"Thank you, professor Birch! Now everything is crystal-clear! Now I can tell how old your Pokémon are!"
How old are professor Birch's three Pokémon?

Whew! I guess that's finally it! Thanks for reading! See you next time =)

My first SSS!

I came home today after a super stressful week to an amazing surprise on my doorstep :D I was really excited for my first Secret Spring Swap and honestly my gifter this year went above and beyond!

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Thanks for reading! I love seeing everyone's SSS posts and I can't wait till next year :)

Pokebox Want!

Hey everyone! I successfully transitioned to my temporary life in Japan, woohoo! But I'm super disappointed because while I was moving, Pokebox had a FOUR DAY pre-order window for some pretty amazing stamps. I don't know why the pre-order window was so short, but in summary, I missed the boat.

If anyone happened to pre-order the Snivy stamp and is willing to part with it, please let me know! I am willing to buy or trade depending on your wants.
(I can try hunting down something on your wants list in Japan that you would otherwise would have trouble obtaining, as long as it's equal in value! Doesn't just have to be Pokémon either, I go to lots of anime cafés, for example!)

Thank you in advance!