April 14th, 2019


The collection keeps growing!

Hello everyone!

Last week I got some plushes in the mail from my middleman, the best part with this sort of packages is that since I store them for as long as I can before shipping I often forget what one of them might be and this time it was no different! I knew I had 3 common Pokedolls (the Swords of Justice) and 3 rare ones... it was one of the rares I didn't remember, so it was a self surprise from the past!

These three I remembered, I got all of them together each with a different tag status. Aramis the Cobalion is TTO, Porthos the Terrakion is fully tagged (although the hangtag is all crumbled and such), and Athos the Virizion is tushless. Nevertheless I'm really happy to have the three of them! They've been on my list for a while and having them come from the same place adds to them being a team c: now I'm only missing one of the Keldeo Pokedolls to have all the swords.

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plush pumpkin


Hello everyone! I just have a quick sales post for you all to dig through :)

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I'm also open to trading any items in my sale for one of these Lucario items :) My husband's favorite Pokemon is Lucario, so I've been thinking about finding a nice one for him. I'm not looking to purchase though, just trade, but if you have one for sale please let me know anyways and I'll be sure to bookmark it :)

Looking for these guys:

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And that's all! Thank you guys so much for looking! Hope you're all having a wonderful spring! :)