April 15th, 2019

Reintroduction and gets post

I haven't visited here in years because of low funds and not wanting to impulse purchase, but I've been browsing lately since things are more stable now so I figured it's time to start posting again! I love grass type Pokemon and collect plushes of them. I recently got some new ones too! Otherwise I'll buy the rare murch for less popular Pokemon I love like Hawlucha (I should've got that tomy before he became hard to find ;_;) or Reuniclus.

Check the cut to see them. They're Pokemon that have not had a plush for YEARS and I was ecstatic they finally exist!

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That's it for this update! Thanks so much for reading if you're still here. I'll end this with an upcoming grass type merch question. Has there been any update on when that final starter evo plush line in Japanese Pokemon centers will come to the U.S. site? I absolutely can't wait for Torterra. If not, is there a general window of time for how long it takes to come over? Thank you!!

Want: Chatot merch!

Hey everyone! I am starting a side collection of chatot merch, and I already have the 2006 tomy figure and the jakks pacific plush, but I'm wondering what else there is? I know its kind of rare, and that there IS a pokedoll, but does anyone else have any more unique merch? I'm interested in just about everything chatot so show me what you have for sale! :)

My chatots next to my budding lugia side collection!

2 month pokedoll haul

Just wanted to share the pokedolls I've managed to find after 2 months of hunting them from everywhere around the world, can't express how happy I am! Thanks to all the people who helped me cross the grails off my list which includes the Chesnaught, Metagross, Swampert, Poliwhirl, Bidoof and Diancie.

So far, I'm still on hunt for one of the shiny beasts and hoping I can get one for a decent price. Happy monday!

Getting the Chesnaught pokedoll completes my Final Kalos Starter trio

Yes, I love Giratina so much that I feel the need to get another one that is MWT Japanese version

Look how adorable that Poliwhirl is! As well as the little Tyrunt peeking behind Darkrai

Haha, Diancie and Giratina are one of my faves. I got lucky getting a Mega Diancie plush before and thought building an army of them wouldn't get anymore prettier!

This! I was lucky to have these two as a set for doing a service for a friend in exchange for finding him the plushies he wants

I never thought Metagross was actually that a big saucer and finally getting an Alolan Raichu fulfills me, Swampert finally completes my Final Hoenn Starters!

I was lucky to find a MWT Mismagius pokedoll and also completes my Oricorio forms being Pom-pom the most difficult one to find MWT!

A good friend of mine bought the new pokedolls for me in Japan and met him recently to pick them up, the pokemon center bag is a huge want!

Ohhh look at all these cuteness, it's too much to handle!

long time no post! looking for info

hi there guys! it's been a while since I posted here, I kept meaning to but various things, like my memory, kept getting in the way :') I'll try to make a post of my gets from the last few months at some point soon, but for now I'm looking to see if anyone on here has any info regarding this:

I can't remember if they're official zukans or from Pokestudios, but I would like to know if they were ever released or whether they're still due for release at all? I'd love to get the zukan of galvantula and joltik but I can't seem to find any information about them besides this photo!

thanks for looking and have a great day!

Intro + Looking for info

Hey, I'm new to the page and I'm exited to be a part of this community. I collect a variety of pkmn items but when going through an old toy box a few caught my eye. I found a V-Trainer Metagross as well as a Brock trainer chip. I've seen the metagross online only once but I am unable to find any information on the brock. They both work with other figures and I was hoping to find out more on these. Thanks!
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