April 17th, 2019

Happy Gyarados

LF a Build a Bear Tag

I know this is a bit of a strange request but I'm looking for a Build a Bear tag. I have a Vulpix plush with no tag and I prefer to collect with tag only. If anyone has a spare tag could you please let me know? It doesn't matter which plush it came from as long as I can still attach it. Thank you!

Funko Pikachu sales/7-11 cup

Hello everyone! I have an extra Funko Lucky Day Pikachu MIB that I'm looking to let go of. Sold listings place it around $35 plus shipping, so I'd be willing to let go of it for around $25! 

I'm also offering to middleman for any international members who want the Blooming Curiosity figure, which came out today. I am able to order 2 at a time. 

I also have a spare 7-11 Pikachu cup with a ludicolo straw I decided I didn't want anymore. Both are sealed, the cup is $5 and the straw is $2. Pics below the cut!

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Question about this Charmeleon/Crystal Onix Keychain


About a year ago i came across this Keychain and bought it for my Charmeleon collection.
It happen to have a clear Onix attached to the same chain.
The Onix has markings (©️ Three japanses markings and C.G.T.S.J. B.CHINA) Charmeleon has no markings.

I was wondering if somebody knows if they go together and if this merch was spanned from the Crystal Onix episode. I am wondering this because there was also a Charmeleon in that episode.

I just love it to death and would love to know more about it.

A few more pics below the cut to save space. <3
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I got such a cool present today from abarero!!


9 RANDOM BOXES??? This is amazing!! :D


This is what I got! I couldn't be happier! Out of the nine, seven of them were new figures for me :3

The other two are Eevee and Popplio - I can trade them for figures I don't have if anyone wants them!! If no one wants to trade I'm going to give them to my sister to sell and use the money to try to pull figures I don't have (is that gambling? maybe? lol) c:

Thank you for the present abarero, I love it so much ;W;

A collection update and some wants

I bought some rowlet items I wanted from splash that i'm really excited to share!!

Cute babies!!! They arrived so fast I was so happy when I got home from work. There's only a couple of things I still have my eye on for my rowlet collection that i'll post under a cut so if anyone has them in their sales posts please let me know so I can take a look!! Thank you for them splash!

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Hello Everyone! So excited to meet you!

Hello! My name is Elizabeth and I have been collecting plush and gacha for about three years now but collecting cards since I was 11 years old. Other than that I am a HUGE fan of the main generation gameboy games. I have a fairly broad collection (Ampharos is probably my favorite if I HAD to pick but I am picky about which plush of him I get) but I have been really into the Ditto Transforms for the last six months and hope to have a full collection soon!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of my collection : )

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Permanent Sales

* Sales Permission granted on August 7, 2015 by areica96.
* Feedback

* All community rules apply.
* I will not conduct business with any banned members.
* Reasonable haggling is accepted.

* I have cats, and will do as much as I can to keep them away from the items, but if you are super allergic to animals, I'd recommend not buying from me.
* I live with a few people who smoke, but again, I will do my best to keep the items clean and away from it.

* When asking for a quote or committing, please include your COUNTRY/ZIP.
* Asking for a quote will put the item on a 24 hour hold. However, if you do not reply to my quote within this time period, the item will go to the next person interested in it.
* Payment must be made in USD via PayPal; it can be via Goods and Services or Family and Friends. When sending payment, please include your username and the item(s) in the Notes Section.
* Payment is preferred within in 24 hours of committing. I'll hold the item for a few days, unless you make other arrangements with me. (Please Note: Once I give you my PayPal address, if you do not send payment within two days and I hear no word from you within that time, the item will go back up for sale.)

* Shipping is from Virginia, USA, and I will ship internationally.
* Flat rate shipping for is $3 in the USA and $10.50 for international users.

* More photos available upon request.

NOTE: The first 12 orders received by 6 P.M. EST tomorrow will be put in the mail tomorrow and be picked up Friday morning!

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Skitty Collection Update

Good Evening Everyone!

I've been collecting diligently to update my skitty colleciton! My newest additions include

This Skitty candy bottlecap figure that I didn't even know existed! An awesome friend of mine, some know him as neutralemotions, pointed it out to me! I cannot thank them enough! I'll get bottlecap totals in soon! I also FINALLY got a footprint figure with it's base for super cheap ($2) so I'm happy to finally have one with a base. I have a second one that I plan on repainting shiny eventually... if I ever stop being so lazy >>

Anyway, I have a few more interesting things coming in! So please stay tuned!

Also, if you collect Skitty, Please show me!!! I want to see!!!

Lastly a few wants:

Clear skitty kid figure, the skitty TV figure, and this weird porcelain word of the day? Skitty figure.

If you'd like to see ALL my skitty items thus far (as I always keep it up to date!) come check it out HERE!

Thanks for checking in!