April 18th, 2019

Suicune Jump

Spring Secret Swap - SSS

That's right, it's my turn now!

My SSS gift arrived on Saturday, but I'm just getting around to posting now. I was pretty busy over the weekend and actually didn't get to open it right away. Saturday morning I went to breakfast with my mom and then to the craft show. On the way home I thought to myself, "I betcha my SSS will be waiting on the porch and I won't have time to open it" and darn it I was right. I was already running late to do Community Day in Pokemon Go, so I grabbed the box as I ran inside, then went right back out the door to head to the local gathering spot for Community Day. I didn't get back home til around 7PM when I finally got to open my SSS gift.

So let's begin! (Warning: Long post. It's kind of a play-by-play opening things)

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Substitute in the TCG?

Hey, just a quick question today! I've somewhat recently fallen in love with the Substitute, and was wondering if they were featured on any TCG cards? I know they have an entire merch line, but I'm looking for TCG art in particular. My quick bit of research only pulled up the "Robo Substitute" card, but I was wondering if the classic doll design was hiding in the artwork for other cards, like in this Chansey illustration:

Thanks! :)

ISO Ditto Transform Electrode Plush

Hello everyone! Is anyone selling a Japanese Ditto Transform Electrode plush or know where I might find one? I have searched in all the places I can think of, Pokevault, Japanstuff, Asakura, Amazon, Ebay, and even the online proxy service FromJapan but no luck (at least for the Japanese version) I LOVE the tags so I don't want to go to the Pokemon Center International. Any help would be much appreciated!