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20 April 2019 @ 01:49 pm
Hello everyone :D

My Spring Swap gift arrived! It actually arrived a little while ago, but things have been so hectic that I couldn't post or take some good pictures ^^' But! It's finaly time for my SSS gift!

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✿ ❀~Happy Easter, Passover, and Spring~❀ ❁
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20 April 2019 @ 03:08 pm

I added a bunch of new stuff and changed the prices of some things. I also do commissions now. Click the picture or link below to check it out!


20 April 2019 @ 03:41 pm
Hi everyone! :)
I have updated my sale post once again!
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(Image is from HobbyLink Japan)

Is anyone taking claims for these yet? If so, I'd love to claim the Magnemite one! Thanks a bunch in advance!

20 April 2019 @ 05:55 pm

Hello everyone, long time no post! I've been a little busy and haven't been able to share a collection update in a hot minute, but I come to you today with some weeding sales! For now I'm starting with the group of plushies pictured above, but there will likely be more to come as I go through my pokes that have been packed away. :) More information and images can be found below the cut. <3
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Fan Merch
I'm also an artist who makes typical convention merch such as prints, acrylic charms, buttons, and stickers! Here is a preview of some of the Pokemon items I've produced, which you can find for sale in my storenvy!
However, if you plan on buying any Pokemon plush from me here and are also interested in some of my personal merch, just let me know in your comment what you'd like so I can combine the shipping. :D

Thanks a bunch for taking a look!
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20 April 2019 @ 08:56 pm
Hello!!! 😊
I had an amazing surprise! My SSS gift arrived!!

There're many pictures, so you can see them here!

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And that's all. Thank you very much, deranged_girl!! It made really, really happy!! I loved everything!! I know how you feel, I don't know how to draw Lysandre too! Even my chibi drawings of him are weird! Your pokémon drawings are really sweet! 💕 And I'm gonna use the Lys rubber strap on my Camera bag, it's actually the thing I like most!! Thank you very much!! 💕💕💕💕
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