April 24th, 2019

New Kid Figure Claims

Hey guys! The painted versions of the newest kid figures have just been released (along with the price). These are bandai premium exclusive, and these claims are most likely (but not 100%) going to follow through all the way. This is a one of the more expensive sets I've seen so far, but I have been asked to do claims on them anyways.

I'm also doing claims on the Mewtwo Evolutions Movie kid figure set, which will be under the cut as well.

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Team building?!

Hiii everyone,
Random but fun question: if you could collect any Pokemon merch you wanted, and money wasn't a thing and space wasn't a thing, and your apartment literally continues to expand everytime you add more items to it so it all fits perfectly -- what would Pokemon you collect?

I would collect Rapidash as I already do, but would also collect Lapras, Shroomish, Totodile, Togekiss, Amaura, Elgyem and probably a million more!

Heartland Charizard

I'm looking to potentially sell my Heartland Charizard:

I'm thinking $1200 shipped if you can pay in full (Free shipping and No PP fees) or if you need payments, I can still do free shipping, but charge PP fees.

Sales update (minor gets as well)

Well actually...I havent been doing much purchasing as of late except for these guys.

A pretty decent sales update as well. Pikachu/Eevee totes, plenty Pika items, and other small misc things. Have a look!

Sales permission granted on November 21st, 2018 by areica96

Hope everyone had a good Easter! (if you celebrate)

Any good sites for buying Japanese cards?

I’m trying to get the Alolan exeggutor and rowlet tag team set when the set comes out next week. I’ve bought the shiny rowlet line off eBay when that came out without problems but eBay always brings a stress of having to ask the person to use a top loader and worrying about them including tracking.... it’s such a hassle. Are there any sites like trollandtoad that people use for importing Japanese cards?

Happy Day! A Taiwanese Mirage Charizard appears!


I would have never imagined that i would ever own this beauty. I have been into the Mirage plush for a while now and am fascinated by them.

Of This specific Charizard mirage only two were known to have surfaced. So i have read online.
This is the third! I believe so because I bought it from a Taiwanese auction site with help from a middle maiden. -^w^-

I am just so excited and i wanted to share this. <3
He still has his string with suction cup. Also it looks like his arms are supposed to be attached to his wings. I assumed because of some loose strings and sewing holes.

More pics under the cut.
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Pricing guide/help

Hi I was thinking of Ebaying some of my more valuable plushes, cards,ect. that I don’t really display anymore,can anybody suggest some resources for pricing guides or suggested listing prices? To be clear I do not have sales permission and this is not a sales post.

Is this the same figure?? Mystery seel figure help

hi all :3 So ive been meaning to post an update and show my recent gets but. not yet ;-;

anyway, so for a while ive had these two seel figures on my wants list. one ive identified to be a jfranco bath water squirter? And the other... I thought was different just based on the image. the big head? or something? face shape? i cant tell what it is but, idk ;-;

maybe the community can help. what do you guys think? any info on the figure(s)??

top is the "mystery" figure, bottom is the jfranco

second is another image of the jfranco figure. even still i do think they are different figures but i have no idea! ;-;