April 25th, 2019

detective pikachu plush coming to us pokecen!

Hello! I was just checking the pokecen site and found this-looks like the detective pikachu plush the jp center previously announced will be coming soon to the US site!

If you were planning on importing them, wait a bit and you can snag them for cheap with that sweet, sweet, free shipping lol. It'll likely release a little before the May 3rd release of the jp merch, given the early release pattern we've had for US detective pikachu merch.

Are you planning on picking up any detective pikachu merch? Let me know your thoughts on it here :D

Detective Pikachu Snubbul plush get!

I'm sure that as many are well aware, the new Detective Pikachu movie will be out soon! I'm excited! I'm definitely going to be seeing it as soon as I can! Anyone else here planning on going to theaters to watch it?

Anyways, I was at Target earlier to see if it had any of the new Detective Pikachu merch! Among them were a Ludicolo and Mr Mime plush, and some of the TCG products as well. In addition, was this cute pupper!

A Snubbul plush! And I'm going to be honest, I didn't even know that it makes sounds when you shake it! I only realized it when my mom picked it up and it growled and it scared the heck out of the both of us LOL

I honestly love how the Detective Pikachu plush line looks! I think they did them justice, they're adorable and extremely soft! I really want the man Pikachu himself, and I might have to go back for the Ludicolo if they're there next time I go. I think they announced a Psyduck one too, and it looks so cute!

That's all for now, thank you for reading!