April 26th, 2019

Gets and collection update!

Hi Everyone! The Pokemon Center recently brought over the final evo plush line to the U.S. site and I picked up the Torterra plush! It's a plush I've been wanting to exist since I saw him back when D/P was new. How time flies! His current ones all either looked derpy to me or were a more cute chibi style. That's great too but I love the detailed look of this one and its stunning quality. Just had to get him!

I was shocked at how fast he got here! It literally took 1 day. This was my first order from the PokeCen site so I was so confused lol. I love him! I know it said 14 inches but I didn't really realize just how big that actually is. He towers over all my other plush haha. More pictures of him under the cut.

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And a collection update! I haven't posted here in a long time so my full collection hasn't been posted here before I think. A lot of these are from the past year. I adore Oricorio's design and gimmick so I just had to get the full Pokedoll line as much as I tried to narrow it down to 1 or 2. ;__;

Still planning to expand it in the coming years with Hawlucha TOMY plush, Reuniclus MPC, Corsola All Star, and hopefully many more loveable monsters in Gen 8! But for now I'm going to take a long break unless a great deal comes up because boy did Torterra tire out my wallet. Really happy with the quality overall!

Thanks for reading!

Updated Sales - Eeveelu Cable Figures!

Bought a box of these guys for Leafeon - have added my extras to my sales post :) They're super high quality, I thought they'd be that soft/flexible rubber but they're sturdy and nice for just displaying (they're advertised for iPhone cables only but Leafeon fits nicely on my Samsung cable).

Click the pic (or here!) to go to my sales:

Thanks for looking!