April 27th, 2019

  • j_ule

Selling my 2002 Japanese Natu Pokedoll

Since I have two Natu Pokedolls and could need the money atm, I decided to sell my Japanese one.

It's $250 before shipping.
Shipping is $8 from Germany to everywhere.
I do accept suggestions for payment plans.

- I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 01 DEC 2013.
- My feedback can be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/j_ule/
- All pkmncollectors rules apply.
- Payment in USD via paypal only.
Big Vee

New Get and Sale: Lotteria Cherry Blossom SnowGlobes!

So I recently ordered a set of the Limited Lotteria Cherry Blossom Snow Globes from Korea, and they just arrived! They are so freaking gorgeous, with their cherry blossoms floating around <3 The photos definitely don't do them justice! And the boxes are so gorgeous that I'll have to find a place to display that too now haha. I'm definitely keeping Sylveon for myself, but I am going to be selling Togepi, Squirtle, and Pikachu! I'm am thinking $55 shipped in the US (they few I've seen elsewhere are trending around $75+), and if you're oustide the US, let me know where and I can give you a quote. I'm hoping to sell all of them by May 4th, then I will list them on eBay for auction. Also, as a special you can include anything from my sales with them without additional shipping charges :) Here is a preview, large photos inside the cut ^^
link to my sales

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It’s been way too long, Collection Update! Also some quick wants.


Hey everyone, I’ve pretty much completely dropped off the face of the Internet for the past year, everywhere except for my art tumblr, and even there I haven’t been very active, but I am still arround and have been collecting quite a bit actually! My collection has grown a lot since my last post, and I’ve gotten a few rare gems for my collection too!

There are a LOT of pics in this post, almost 100! And they’re pretty big since I have no good way to resize them on mobile, so I’ve separated them into several different cuts. Also I have some wants in the last cut!

There are so many little figures of Umbreon. Some new things:
The Korean snow globe, outch that was expensive!
The nanoblock model was really fun to put together and I didn’t need to know Japanese. The pictures in the instructions were easy to follow.
I love the perfume and terrarium figures!
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I modified this already beautiful resin statue to light up. It’s from one of those unofficial studios, Can’t remember which one.
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Some plush too big to fit in the mesh hangers, like my life size Umbreon. Also some random plush I liked and my drinking glass collection.
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I got these hanging mesh organizers and they work really great for my plush.
I think the all star plush of umbreon takes the cake for derpiest plush, unfortunately. It just looks creepily off for some reason, maybe it’s the flat forehead, the eye position, or that smile? I don’t know
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A bit of a grail. I never thought I’d have it but a community member had it for sale at just the right time! sorry I didn’t mention your name here, I can’t find the transaction anywhere not even the feedback, and I’m sure I left some?? Weird.
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The table with my tins and boxes and some misc stuff. Also my Chandelure plush.
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Mugs, charms, and pins.
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The table where I keep My flats. I have too many to display so they go in binders on this small table. I’ve had a lot of these for a long time. But I’ve only shown a few since they are a chore to photograph. These are the binders and books and some of the things that don’t fit in binders. The cards and such in the binders are under the next few cuts.
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TCG and a few not TCG cards
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Misc cards, stickers, etc
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Book pages and clearfiles
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Hangtags from my plush. It got too hard managing everything with the tags attached. They are much safer here.
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Some of the artwork in the Evs book and eeveelution magazine, there is a lot so I won’t post it all.
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Finally, my Tomys. It’s been pretty dormant but there are a few new things. I’m going to try and complete the official Hoenn region figures, but for all other generations, I think I’ll just get my favorites, because there just isn’t enough room to display them all! There are a few booties and Keychain figures in there as placeholders. The trapinch and ralts figures are actually sculptures I made. I plan on doing more of these.
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Now here are some wants. I’m looking for three Umbreon ga-ole chips. I’ve seen them for sale on amazon Japan, but I don’t think the seller ships to the US and I’d rather not use a deputy service. I have no idea what they are worth, so I guess just make an offer or send me to your sales post if you have one. I’m hoping around the range of $5 each, but again, I have no idea how rare they are or how much they are worth, so if the price is significantly higher I might still buy, but Maybe not all three and I may need a hold. Thanks

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Wow, that was an impossibly long post! I’ll try to be more up to date with my gets posts to avoid this next time! I’m going to see a late showing of Endgame, so I probably won’t be responding tonight, but I’ll be arround tomorrow!