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29 April 2019 @ 12:36 am

Evening y'all! Been a hot minute since my last post, but work has kept me fairly busy of late. This will be a post for the last few gets I've gotten, as well as a comparison between two of my grails! I figured I should do it since I haven't been able to find much info regarding the differences, but who knows. Maybe I just didn't look deep enough. Without further ado, pics are below the cuts!

Zoroark GetsCollapse )

Eevee/Glaceon GetsCollapse )

Other getsCollapse )

Comparison: US vs JP?Collapse )

Aaaand that's all for now! I am currently working on a couple displays for some of my smaller charms and flats for my different collections, so I hope to make another post in the future to showcase those once I am satisfied with them.

Happy Collecting!

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A high quality version of the terrarium set has surfaced and I figured i'd take the opportunity to ask if anyone was doing claims on it? I'm trying to claim the Rowlet at the absolute least but i'd also love raichu ;w;

29 April 2019 @ 12:21 pm
Hi everyone. I've had a lot going on in my personal life lately, so unfortunately haven't been very active on the community, but I wanted to post today because I received my SSS. Thank you sarynplasmagale!