May 5th, 2019

Introduction Post

Hello everyone! I go by VerdantMew, but you are welcome to call me Verdant or any other variation of my username.

I am very excited to finally join this community after lurking on PKMNCollectors as an outsider for years. This forum is the very reason I developed an interest in collecting Pokémon paraphernalia as a hobby, and now I am far too deep into that passion to ever escape. It is all thanks to the members here that I am aware of even a fraction of the Pokemon merchandise available, and wow, there are so many obscure and fascinating items out there it blows me away. The more I discover, the more I enjoy this franchise's amazing community!

Regarding my collection, I have a soft spot (no pun intended) for plush from any era, ranging from the higher quality, more recent releases to the old and obscure, but I also love figures and cards. Tomy figures and those gorgeous statues from the short-lived Trading Figure Game are among my favorites. I do not have a lot of experience with flats beyond Pokémon cards, but I would like to purchase posters, setteis, and other art in the future.

My all-time favorite Pokémon is Mew (what gave it away?) because it was such a large and positive part of my childhood. I began teaching myself to draw because of my fascination with Mew's design, and I have never put down my pencil since! I am currently working on a website for my Mew collection to try to make information and pictures for some of the stranger items in my possession more accessible to fellow collectors. My second favorite is Leafeon, and among my other top choices are Eevee, Phanpy, Delphox, Bulbasaur, Xatu, and Porygon. I would like to delve into more robust collections for these, but for now, I am very happy with what I have.

Some pictures of my collection are below the cut!

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Thank you very much for bearing with me. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I hope to make new connections and friendships here, and I look forward to being an active member of the community. I hope you have a lovely day or night!

Quick Sales!

I have a gets post coming soon, but for now I just wanted to put these 2 things out there in case anyone would be interested.

Reshiram lotto figure still in box. (Unboxed one is from my personal collection)
$45 + shipping

And this oddball....Pikachu toaster

Not something I exactly
$20 + shipping

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Thanks for reading!!

Chinese Detective Pikachu Plush Review +New series for water type starters !+ Collection updates

Wow how long this title is ! xD

So finally I received my Detective Pikachu plush ! Here is a simple review of him !(My desk is a mess sorry about that )

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Here's a pic about new plush series of water type starters !

I have to say the color is soooo good ! I have to buy some RIP my wallet !

And ,my dedenne flats collection updates!
I just showed some of them coz I'm moving , many things had been put in box .
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Thanks for reading ! Happy collecting !

Rayquaza, Zekrom/Pikachu Playmat, Pokedolls

Hi all! I just got back from regionals and was looking to sell these playmats for $25 each which includes all shipping and fees. I also have a bunch of common and uncommons and a few rares/reverses from Unbroken Bonds if anyone is looking for anything in particular.

Asking $35 for each pokedoll+ shipping/fees. They all have their tags/new

Granted sales permission by denkimouse 6/7/2011


2019 Arcanine Collection Update

Hello everyone,

Long time no see. Today I bring you a collection update. For more pictures check out my website The Arcanine and Flat sections are fully updated.

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Also my wants!

1. Pikachu Protoype I love Pikachu plush (If anyone has ever seen this plush in real live I would love to know!)
2. Arcanine UFO plush
3. Arcanine PokéStudios
4. Arcanine Ultra Pro deckbox
5. Arcanine in-case figure
6. Arcanine metal figure red
7. Arcanine metal figure silver

Need info on Gotochi pins and possible want to buy


I was absent from livejournal for such a long time but I continued to fill my heart with pokemon goods xD

When I was in Japan I found Gotochi pins in pokemon center and really fall in love with!

I want to know if somebody have pictures of all the gotochi collecion by city, I already found some of Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nagoya.
I know that Fukuoka, Kanagawa, Aichi and Mt Fuji have Gotochi collection too but I can't find proper pictures. Maybe some others exist too, like Yokohama and his big center...
Please if somebody have pictures of these collections it'll help me a lot!

Also, since I want some a these pins I want to know if some people sell gotochi pins here (especially the train pikachu from Kanagawa)!

Thank you