May 8th, 2019

US Trip Summer Sales!

I would be going on a holiday to the US in Mid May!

I'd like to take this oppourtinity to sell off the rarer bulkier/heavier/fragile items that I've been holding back on!
I'd be bringing the items to the US in my luggage so I can get better mailing prices!

Items include: illie 1:1 Vulpix, Pokepark Pichu Bro's Train Set, Pikachu Easter Cushion 2017, Dragonite Bath Buddy & DX Vinyl Figure, DX Shinx Plush

Sales Permission here
Special note: For US buyers I will be mailing from LA/LV on the 14/15th May via USPS.
For international buyers
, I should be able to mail right before I leave on 12th May.

Feel free to reasonably negotiate!

Lucario Grail (welll...grail to me) Get

Sooo....I been totally after this fella for about a year. Almost landed one last year but my "on call" shifts screwed me up, and had to miss out. :(

This Lucario came from a Thailand seller I routinely deal with, and he finally arrived yesterday.
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That is it for now!

Quick sales plug. Reshiram lottery figure has officially been added to regular sales. Plus many other stuff still available. Also...all my sales items will be going to storage (with care) by next week so I wont be able to do closeups as easily. If anyone interested in closeups of is the time.

Does anyone want to split these?

I have the WCT Mimikyu and Ditto Battle Ready figure in hand now. I only want Mimikyu, so if anyone wanted Ditto, it's $3.50 and I can send it in the packaging too, if you're interested in it.

I'm also planning to order from the Pokemon Center, but some merchandise comes in sets that I only want Mimikyu and Alolan Raichu from. If anyone else is interested in what comes in the sets, I'll split the difference. I'll only order them when they're all claimed and you'd pay for them and shipping to you when I get them in hand.

Pikachu, Eevee, and Mimikyu Wallgraphics

Pikachu: $11.67

Eevee: $11.67 (claimed by kuro_kage_kun)

Togedemaru, Komala, Mimikyu, and Pyukumuku Pins

Togedemaru: $6.00 (Claimed by wteyywy)

Komala: $6.00

Pyukumuku: $6.00 (Claimed by electricoil)

Alolan Raichu and Marowak Pins

Marowak: $6.50

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  • Sales permission granted by areica96 on November 21, 2018.
  • All PKMNCollectors rules apply.
  • For payments, I only take Paypal and/or fandom merch.
  • I ship from Detroit, MI to anywhere and will use any shipping method you prefer. If you don't specify, then I'll use USPS. Since I live in walking distance of a post office and work somewhere where they do postal services, so long as you pay on a weekday before 5pm EST, your order will be shipped the same day. Otherwise, it will ship the next day. If you use UPS or FedEx, it'll take a day longer for it to ship, since it takes longer for me to walk to UPS and FedEx is not in walking distance at all.
  • I recycle to save money. If you want all new packing materials, then tell me and I'll do that.
  • If you're in Detroit, MI, then I'll do local drop offs, but I don't do COD. You'll have to pay ahead of time and we'll arrange the drop off afterwards.
  • Commitments take priority over quotes. To commit, just post commit in your post when you're posting what you want to buy.
  • Unless you tell me you'll be late ahead of time, if you commit and take more than 24hr to pay after I quote your post and send you a note, then you'll get negative feedback.
  • I do holds, so you can save on shipping. Feel free to ask.
  • Haggling is welcome.
  • I don't do payment plans.