May 19th, 2019

First Sales Post!

Hello everyone!

So after being a member of this wonderful community for almost 5 years, I think I finally decided to make my first sales post! I'm taking the mod's advice and starting off small, so my sales post will just have cards for now. I plan to expand more once I find more things I might weed out and I get more comfortable with selling things!

Click the banner or here to go to the post!

I also may open up commissions for a few things sometime later in the week, so look forward to that too!

Thank you for looking!

Looking for Gastrodon Merch

Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve been in here...
I’ve decided I wanted to start a small collection of the adorable pink and blue boys Gastrodon! I’ve always loved West Gastrodon since the day he came out and I didn’t think their would be much merch out there of him but I’ve looked and he’s got some official items so it made me happy! If anyone has any type of merch out there of either East or West Gastrodon please let me know! ❤️

I am open to collecting East and West Shellos too! :)

Grail Trio Finally Complete! + A Look at my Shiny Collection so far!

I have waited two whole months to get this Mighty Shiny Beast and it finally happened last Friday. A few packages were delivered containing rare Pokemon goodies!

These are the contents of the biggest box. And yes! A shiny Entei Pokedoll appeared!
I am happy to announce that i have completed my Shiny Beasts Pokedoll Trio!
I will leave them and much more under the cut. There a quite a few goodies i would like to share.
So beware! Image heavy post!
I will be showing my whole Shiny Pokemon collection. (Not including my Shiny Kids because i have already showed them)
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Yahoo Auctions/ FromJapan Question

I was just wondering if there was a dispute resolution/ report system on yahoo auctions- I purchased something using FromJapan (didn't select buyer protection plan unfortunately) and the seller hasn't shipped the item to their warehouse for 25+ days now nor have they replied to inquiries from FromJapan apparently. Because I didn't select this plan it FromJapan said that there could be no refund.

It does say that they would ship 7-17 days after payment (way exceeding that now) but it seems very fishy. Is there any way to get my money back?

Let me know if you want flats of a certain Pokemon!

Hi comm!

Recently, I received a large flats lot that I posted about a while back! I’ve finally sorted it all into alphabetical order so getting pictures to people should be a lot quicker! Let me know if you would like me to search through for a specific Pokemon! I have literally most Pokemon (apart from hardly any generation 7 and 8) so don’t be afraid to comment!


Issues with the Funko "A Day with Pikachu" series. Thoughts?

Hello all! Long time no post. As many of you probably know there has been many issues with trying to get the figures from this series. I have tried ordering each one when it was in stock and each time the cart would fail and by the time I got through they would be out of stock.  I only have managed to get Rainy day pikachu and when I did the box was damaged and poorly packed. Gamestops in my area are no help either because they put theirs on hold for the employees to buy because they only get 1-3 of them each month. I'm honestly really disaapointed in the US Pokemon Center for having such poor practices towards these figures.  Sorry for the rant, I really hope that they increase the quantites avalible for the next months as they clearly have a demand.

What has been your experience with these figures? Is this an issue with funko or pokemon? Do you think they will increase in amount of chus in the next upcoming months?