May 20th, 2019

gengar wave

HUGE Card Sales!

Tons of cards ranging from base set to Detective Pikachu and from commons to holos rares. Offering them here before I put them on ebay. Way too many to price individually, let me know which ones you'd like I can give you an offer for them or you can make an offer.

  • Various conditions from MP to M. I'll give you the conditions when you inquire about them.

  • I have multiples of many cards if you are looking for more than one.

  • I ship worldwide from Canada.

  • Minimum order of $5

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espurr, Cecil

Looking for Froakie and Greninja!

Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I posted anything here, but the Pokemon Collector's community seems to always have the answers when I'm looking for Pokemon stuffs, so here I am!

Currently I'm looking for these two plush:

2013 Pokemon Center Froakie Plush


a Sanei Greninja Plush

Let me know if anyone's selling these two! Thanks!

Updates sales!

Hi guys! I updated my sales with some pika goodies and other stuff, cleaned up my comments and all that good stuff! I also now have a picture of the kid figures for the Mewtwo movie in my claims section.

Click here or the banner to go to my sales!