May 31st, 2019

SSS -part 1- arrival!!

Hello hello!

To be honest my SSS gift came in a while ago, but there was a bit of confusion about posting it now or later.
Because a secret note from a secret someone told me this was only part 1! What could that be? Will there be a part 2 later? I didn't understand quite well and asked a host. They told me indeed there will be a part 2, and it will be shipped in June.

Sooooo.... Let's start with part 1!

How exciting!!!

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❤ Sylveon Ita Bag ❤

Hello, I'm still somewhat new here so I hope I'm posting here correctly.

I posted this earlier this week on my Twitter but I figured it would be nice to show here too. I've been working on a Sylveon themed ita bag for awhile now. Been trying to collect as much cute fanmade Sylveon charms & pins as I can, along with a couple of the official stuff. I still have more on my wishlist and I'm planning to add some of the Sylveon can badges to the outside of my bag. 💕

I couldn't fit everything in my bag, so I might later move to another ita bag with a larger window but I'm really happy with how my bag looks so far! 🎀✨

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Nintendo Calendar 2001 - Gold and Silver!!

Hi comm!

Today in the post I received an item that I’m in absolute love with and wanted to share with you! A Nintendo Magazine Calendar, completely unused from 2001! (I believe I bought it from a comm member through their eBay but can’t remember their username to thank!)

I love Gold and Silver and gen 2 is my favourite gen so it was a must! The old artwork on it just makes me really happy. I plan to display it as a part of my new Smeargle collection! It also has another half to it with a variety of Nintendo characters including Mario and Luigi, Yoshi and a random Meowth.

More pics under the cut...

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What do you guys think of this? Has anyone else got some cool nostalgic gen 2 merch?

Thanks :)

Tell me about Detective Pikachu plush! + Sales Plug

Hi everyone! Just yesterday I watched Detective Pikachu and I really enjoyed it! I decided to look into buying a DP plush to commemorate the movie. I only really want one plush, not a whole collection of them, so I need your help in figuring out which one I'd probably like best ^^ I'd like to know the following-

-If possible, I'd like someone to give me a full list of all official DP plush, released or soon to be released (I'm most likely getting Pikachu but I am aware that other Pokemon characters have been made, so feel free to make a separate list of them too if you think they are worth mentioning)
-About your personal DP plush, your likes/dislikes about them, and if you own multiple brands which brand do you prefer the most and why
-In your opinion: Which plush looks the most accurate to their movie counterpart? Which plush has the best fabric? Which size do you prefer (life size/standard/mascot)?
-One thing I'm a little nitpicky about is plush that can't stand up on their own. I've read on Pokevault that the Pokemon Center and Takara Tomy DP (Pikachu) plush cannot stand up. For those of you who own the PC or TT plush, is this true for your own plush? Are there others that have difficulty standing up on a solid surface as well?

Thanks in advance for any info you can give! Also, it's been a while since I last posted my sales so here it is again I am currently offering free shipping (within the U.S. only) under certain conditions, please check the page for details. Also updated a rule regarding shipping- I am now offering international shipping!

Hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for reading :D