June 5th, 2019

Detective Pikachu Wants!

Here's to hoping I can get my birthday wish from some of the lovely, helpful trainers on here! Once again, I am sorely late to the party on the DP swag and need some assistance!
DEARLY looking for the Bulbasaur Wal-Mart Promo card and the 7-11 DP and Snubbull straws.
Secondarily looking for the DP movie promo card and the DP Mewtwo promo card (WHAT was that even FROM, anyway lol!?) Since the Bulbasaur card is OSTENSIBLY free and the straws are 99 cents apiece and 7-11s are LITERALLY ubiquitous, I would PREFER to do a meetup in the Northern Virginia area (more details upon confirmation) and I WILL pay back for the straws and time/effort involved. I am asking for help on these because I am recovering from a nerve injury in my leg at the moment and despite stores/promos being relatively common, MY access in particular is limited. I would prefer NOT to pay ebay/online shipping, however if such is possible, only because I don't want to buy the whole set of the straws or pay a squintillion dollars for ONE card shipped from, say, Nevada if someone can ship it Media Mail from, IDK, Richmond. Makes life easier, no? As aforementioned, any help is GREATLY appreciated and thanks in advance.

Quick Pokedoll sales

Quick sales to cover Pikabug restoration costs. I'm on mobile so sorry if it's wonky formatting.

I was granted sales permission by dewotton 9/3/12 (holy cow I can't believe how long its been)
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/mewisme700/
All community rules apply
Open to offers and trades.

Got a Natu, Swampert, and Aipom Pokedoll.

Natu is 2006 American release TTO. Asking $150. Shipping in $3 in the US. International please ask me for a quote.

Swampert is a 2006 American release TTO. He has some pilling. Asking $175. Shippingg is $3 in the US. International please ask me for a quote.

Take both for $310 shipped in the US. International again, just ask for a quote.

Aipom I am more attached to. He is a American release MWT, though tag has some creases. These have become very hard to find. Asking $350 shipped in the US.

all need to go please

So i have way to many paper ddakji and selling them slowly is not somthing i wanna keep doing so i'm going to sell in bulk by generation for super cheap if you want you can resell them or what ever i just want them gone each generation is only $20 +shipping  or all for $60 + shipping please please just buy these

Quick sales!

Hi comm!!

Today I have some quick sales to fund my growing list of gen 2 fit plushes! Here goes...

Collapse )

More pics of Flaaffy under the cut...

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Prices -
Litleo - $25 MWT JP
Chespin - $16 MWT JP
Popplio - $20 MWT JP
Jolteon Fit - $16 MWT JP
Victini - $10 TTO JP
Chespin Kuttari Sleeping - $10 MWT JP
FLAAFFY - Custom made plush bought from eBay a few years back! She’s a beauty! Really reluctant to let this go but I feel like she can be appreciated by someone else more than myself, seen as I’m an Amphy collector more. Please make offers, not sure of pricing - she’s a large one! She’s super sturdy, made from super soft minky and faux fur!


Thanks comm once again!~~

Recent Gets and Grails

Hey everyone! I don’t post around much here (you can usually find me chilling on discord) but here’s some pics of new stuff from the last month or so. I can’t figure out how to do cuts in the iPhone app so I’ll have to fix it later 😅

DX Snorlax pokedoll! Got it for 2900¥ on mercari

Bootleg Detective Pikachu snorlaxDX Munchlax PokedollGeox Italian light up sneakersChinese theater cupCINE HOME Detective Pikachu