June 16th, 2019

Grail get and Collection update

i managed to get my hands on one of my grails im super happy about it

Pokemon sun and moon Rental DVD vol 17
it complete with box cover art and even the dvd itself its so cool to have this and the Art is amazing

I also got a lot more you can Click the banner below to see the rest of my collection (place holder banner till i make a real one)

And a wants List for what im missing any help would be nice

Introduction/Collection Post

Hi! I'm p0ryg0n, but you can honestly just call me Sleepy since that's the name I usually go by now. I'm an avid Pokémon fan, and I've been into collecting for a while. I'm 16, so most of my stuff is from birthday money/Christmas/the like. My favorite Pokémon is Typhlosion, with Mew at a close second. My favorite Pokémon merch line is probably PokéPark. I'm a sucker for obscure things, and PokéPark sure is an enigma. A whole Pokémon amusement park that closed within months, which has very little info about it and has basically faded into obscurity. Makes for interesting stuff to collect, speaking of which:

This is my general PokéPark collection, including a drawstring pouch, a Munchlax hat, a PokéPark Premium File (with ALL the cards intact!) and 2 bracelets, all of which could be obtained at the park.

Perhaps the most prized item in my collection also comes from the park:

A CIB PokéPark DS in good condition! Complete with the box, all the inserts, and even the stylus.

I also have some other consoles in my collection, including this CIB Pokémon Center New York GBA:

I love this thing! The box is really cool, the system looks slick and shiny, and it has everything that came with the box originally.

And, perhaps the rarest console I own:

A Mew DS! It isn't in great condition, so it's hard to make it out, but this is indeed a Mew DS. Since I don't have the box or any of the inserts, and due to its subpar condition, I usually opt to actually use it instead of displaying it. It's still really cool to own one of the rarest Pokémon consoles though.

As for my other merch...

2 event distribution cartridges - one for the Toys 'R' Us Dragonite, and one for the WIN2011 Celebi. These were definitely cool finds because I love collecting old events.

My Cyndaquil line collection.

My Pikachu line collection. I showed off some of this stuff already, but in the bottom right corner, I have a Pikachu/Pichu Game Boy Color. It's the Silver edition.

My Mew and Celebi collection. Some of this stuff goes all the way back to Gen 1! There's also quite a bit of 20th Anniversary stuff here. Also, behind the figures and such, you can see the Sinnoh map that came with the Prima guide for Diamond and Pearl.

Assorted stuff that I couldn't really find a place for. Some of this stuff is moderately rare to rare, and some of it I found in bargain bins, lol.

Anyways, that's about all I have as far as merch goes. I hope you found this post interesting! I'll be sure to post about my cool gets on here.