June 17th, 2019

Collection update, and sales + free resin charms :)

Hello everyone, it has been a while!
I just moved, and used the opportunity to take stock of all the lovely things I have in my collection right now. Yay!

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Unfortunately due to space limitations I have decided to whittle down my collection a fair bit, so this is what I'm keeping for now (also some bigger plush, but they're not on the bookshelf)

Given my collection downsizing, I have a lot of things for sale right now! I also made some new resin charms, and so am currently offering free charms with any plush purchase :)

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Casual Shoto

HUGE Sale update! ENTIRE Walky collection for sale! + even more mascot plushies and Kuttari

I am going through a very huge cleaning and I am taking some very hard decisions about my collecting habit. I have decided to sell ALL of my walky collection, most of my Ditto transform mascots and even more Kuttari plushies. I also have some leftover from my previous sales, please come take a look!


Link to sale post- https://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/23997921.html

Thanks for looking!