June 24th, 2019

plush question

I kind of like Zeroara's little box thing and was going to display him in my DVD cabinet but I notice he is top heavy and leans back heavily. How do you brace these guys without actually leaning them against something? I dont really plan on removing him from the cardboard.

Updated Gastrodon wants list

Hello everyone! I Updated my wants list :) Looking for the following items for Gastrodon West and East (they are yellow starred in the pic)
-Takara Tomy Candy Dice ( both east and west)
-Retsuden Stamp (both east and west)
-Clear Kid Finger (both east and west)

If anyone has these for sale or know someone who does please let me know. Thank you! 🙂
(I may also be interested in other Gastrodon merch if you have anything to show. Yes even customs are welcomed in my collection!)