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Rythen Eugea
25 June 2019 @ 12:03 am
First off: Hi, hello, I used to be very active here, but life has happened. The username makes my main collection pretty obvious, but I also collect Fighting-types (with a focus on Timburr and Terrakion).

Second: My girlfriend has decided, tonight, that she wants to collect Clefable merch! My question to you guys is: does anyone have pics of a Clefable collection for reference? or have clefable stuff for sale? she currently has the sitting cuties/fit plush, friends plush, and is in the process of getting the KFC reversible plush.

Third: There exists a Dunsparce Can Badge. I need this. I am willing to pay really good money for this. It seems Pokevault had one up for $10 and I am willing to pay more than this.

ETA! I've been hunting down the Terrakion Buzzer for years and have never been able to run into one. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41jkgNQ%2BsrL._SX425_.jpg It's like this. But Terrakion. Of course.
25 June 2019 @ 03:46 pm

Hey all! I was hoping someone here could help me with any information on these two: 2004 Banpresto Chikorita plush and this Mega Evolution string bag. I can’t find anything on the bag and I found one post with the plush but I’m curious on their worth :D

25 June 2019 @ 09:17 pm

Hi fellow Collectors, 

My very first post!!

I am collecting Pikachu plushes and have been looking for the following plushes for some time now. Hope someone here has them that I can purchase from:

Bathrobe Pikachu
Bathrobe Pikachu
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