June 28th, 2019

Kura pokedoll

Quick Rockruff Item Sales

Just looking to sell these two items really quick, I ended up with two of the rockruff figure so i'm looking to sell my spare. All of my sales info can be found here:

Rockuff with flowers Gacha Figure (NIP)-    SOLD

Rockruff Ddjaki (Blue)- $4 + shipping

As usual these can be combined with anything from any of my sales posts if its of interest:https://shadoweon.livejournal.com/73276.html

Please comment here or on one of my other sales posts if interested. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Gen 2 Shelf!

Hi comm! Just a quick post today to show y’all my gen 2 shelf that I’ve just finished!

Here we are! It’s a lot more cramped than I would’ve liked, but I might move it onto a different shelf in the future. I’ve got my fit plushies at the back with their respective kid figure with them, then my collection of gen 2 kids below. All around the shelf are the kid figures’ cards, which are all in order according to the dex. Some are covered by the plush, but I don’t care lol, they’re still there and that’s what matter to me. There’s gaps for the cards I don’t have yet! Speaking of which, here are the cards I’m missing...

Collapse )

And these are the Kid figures that I am missing!

Collapse )

I’d be looking for any of these! Please note, I can’t buy any atm, but I would bookmark your page and get back to you when I am able to buy them! :)

Some more pics...

Collapse )

And that’s pretty much it! Thanks again!~~~~