June 29th, 2019

  • lyupu

Mini Update

I got some new mini additions to me and my bf’s collection!

Got thes cuties in not too long ago and thought I’d make a small post of these gets especially a mini grail of Latios Tomy mascot plush. He is super adorable!

Now I need to find his partner which is Latias! Hopefully I can manage to find one! Can’t have one without the other! So yeah here is a wants post again. For her and the other Plushies whichever comes first!

Thank you for looking!

Still On The Lookout, Fellow Trainers!


Like it says on the tin, I am still looking for two pieces of DP merchandise, one being the DP 7-11 straw, JUST DP his own cute self and the Wal-Mart Bulbasaur Promo SM 198. If anyone in the Northern VA USA area has a lead on either or both of those, that would be AMAZING! I would *prefer* to pick them up in-person (to save on shipping and to insure a completed transaction) but leave us see how things work out. Also, IF there us a Detective Pikachu movie promo card OF DP available for a ~reasonable~ price, great, if not I am not pushing my luck lol!

ISO: Clemont and Cilan merch

Ok, so I landed these figure straps. I am well aware of that there are figure straps for all the female companions, BUT I had no clue Bonnie actually had one!

Besides these straps, were there any other Clemont merch? Cilan is another with limited too...I know Cilan got the partners figure, and he is on a lot of clearfiles.

Also...does anyone have a Cilan kid figure they looking to sell?

Pokémon International Championships 2019 - Writeup, Gets, and New Wants!

Hello! Sleepy here, I did an introduction post a week or so ago showing off my collection. Since I (conveniently) live in Columbus, Ohio, I was able to literally walk to the Pokémon NA International Championships. While there, I got to play a demo of Sword and Shield, and also picked up a few cool items.

I only went one day, but nonetheless it was very cool. I've been into VGC and Smogon on the side for a while. Being an avid Smash player, it was really cool to watch top level VGC live as it unfolds. I saw a lot of parallels between the decision making in VGC and that of fighting games.

I also got to play the SwSh demo as I mentioned earlier. It was fun. I'm not a fan of Dynamax at all, but nonetheless the games looked nice. It's too bad that Masuda is Thanos snapping a lot of the mons :(

Other than that, I got to walk around, talk to people, and play Pokémon console games (Pokémon Stadium 2 minigames slap, they're so much fun).

Anyways, enough fluff about the event, let's get into what I actually got! There was a mini-Pokémon Center store there, and all of the items I got there were available on the Pokémon Center website, so I won't go too in-depth about those things.

First and foremost, my spectator badge! Can't get into the event without this. It looks very clean, and memorabilia from these events tend to become collector's items as time goes on, so this was definitely a cool thing to get firsthand.

A bookmark and starter pin set from Sword and Shield. These were given away to those who waited in line to play the demo. To my knowledge, these are only available from playing the demo, so these could make cool collector's items.

Now, onto the stuff I got from the shop:

Thought this bag deserved a mention just because of how awesome it is.

Charizard Firestorm T-Shirt! I just had to pick it up. This design is so cool.

Johto Cuties ceramic mug. I'm a Pichu main in Smash, so I pretty much bought this on sight. I love the art on it, and I really wish they'd release more Johto Cuties stuff.

That's all I picked up at the event itself. However, my 17th birthday was on the 27th, so I got a good bit of money and picked up a couple items since then.

An old Pichu backpack! As I mentioned before, I main Pichu, so this was definitely a cool thing to get. To the right is a Hoenn badge set.

That about wraps up this post as far as what I actually got. However, I'm looking to start up a new collection. I'm thinking of starting a Rayquaza collection, since it's my favorite mascot legendary. The Rayquaza GBA is super cool but I'd have to save up for a long time in order to get it. Anyways; if you're selling any Rayquaza stuff, send it my way and I'll take a look at it!

Thanks for reading.

-P0ryg0n (Sleepy)