July 1st, 2019

SSS part 2 finally arrived!!

Hello hello!

After months, it was finally there! SSS part 2! When part 1 arrived I didn't even know there was a part 2, until I opened the note of ku_bek !
And finally it was here, part 2 excisted of some very nice selfmade stickers of ZIGZAGOON AND MUDKIP!!!

My 2 favourite Pokémon!! :D

See the stickers below.

Thank you again Ku-Bek, I am very happy!!! :D

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are my plushies okay?

Hi everyone, long time no post! Please tell me if a post like this is against the rules and i'll delete it

So a few hours ago, I accidentally spilled some fruit juice onto a bin that had some Pokemon plush inside of it. Fortunately only a little made it in, and the plush that were affected only had a few drops or so on them. The juice came right off the main parts of the plush when I wiped them with a towel since I got them while they were still wet, but the tush tags of a few seemed to absorb a bit of juice near where they're attached to the plush. (For example, none of my Mega Absol's fur was stained, but the part of the tush tag that connects to her turned pink a little bit) I had to run out right after, so I didn't have time to do anything else with them. It's been a little while, and the only parts of the plush that have any smell to them are the tush tags that got wet, and even then it's very faint. I'm still kind of worried though.....

My question is: is this a thing I should be worried about, and if so, what should I do?