July 2nd, 2019

New Box Splits

I've updated my sales page with my new box splits! I also added the Bandai Premium kid figure box there, however it's now a box split, since I have to take payment up front. I've discussed this with a mod and she said it's okay for me to do this, but I have to have all the figures claimed in order for me to do this split since this is probably the most expensive set I've seen. Bandai also changed the page and the release date is now on the 15th of July, despite it originally saying October.

I'm going to tag everyone who claimed one so they can see this and confirm that they would still like their slot!

silvally kaleidoscorch nerucake eddictedbrony hawlucha shadoweon 

Here's a link to my sales, all the claims are at the bottom! Please comment and confirm you are going to keep your slot so I can give you your total.

Looking for some grails

Scince my birthday is coming up I'm hoping to find a few of my personal grails and most-wanted items. Pretty open to prices on most things. Thank you!

Bandai Trainer kit items such as the original Pokegear, Pokenav, VS seeker, pokedexes, pokeblock maker and pokeblock case, any fishing rods, xtranseiver, poketech and anything else besides pokeballs pretty much.
Tomy versions of the pokegear and poketech (all versions), pokedexes and mega stones.
Shiny kid figures of Flygon and Dustox.
Pokemon Center Island Challenge amulet (perfer the bigger version)
Shiny Metagross merch especially the plush
Pokemon world market figures if opened
Tomy Pokeblock cases
And last but not least my offbrand grails; Beautifly, Swellow and Breloom olyfactory plush.
Thanks to anyone who can help me track these items down! :)