July 6th, 2019

LF Korean Middleperson

I have a few things I was looking to buy and I asked someone on Instagram I was told about, but their minimum commission fee is $20 and I’m not buying enough to meet that. I was wondering if anyone knew of a proxy service I could use or if anyone in Korea could help!

Searching for custom artists, plushies & asking for art trades

Hello everyone! Long time no post! I hope everyone is fine :)

I´m not actively collecting anymore, that´s why I´m so absent here, but I really missed pokemon and this community in my life!
And since I have some money, I feel in the mood to get me something which makes me happy :D

So I´m searching for custom art like plushies and sculptures! If you are a custommaker and open for commissions, please write in the comments. I would love to see your work!

Also I´m searching for the new pokemon fit plushies caterpie, metapod and butterfree. I also really like wigglytuff and clefairy and some others from gen 2. They´re all so cute, so it´s hard to decide lol! Does anybody have these for sale or know where I can buy them for a good price? On ebay they cost around 20$ each which is a bit too much in my opinion :(   I FOUND THEM!

Shipping would be to germany!

I would also love to do an art trade or partial trade! I can offer you commissions for original pokemon aceo cards, colored pencil drawings or bigger watercolor or acrylic paintings :) Examples are under the cut below:
Collapse )

Thank you all for looking and have a great weekend! :)

wants Silvally/ type: null

so i have finally gotten most of the Silvally and type: null items i can find but there are a few i have pictures for but can not find anywhere if any of you have any of these for sale or know where i can buy them im all ears

This little bag

gum/candy wrapper

a back pack

A dice bag


Pokemon Ga-ole winners certificate

i dont know

I only need the bag nothing else

Just need the box

These two large Paper Ddakji

Or anything not in here