July 9th, 2019

Real Orange League Gym Badges

Not the best medals on the series, but for me they are really special since they are real seashells and pearls... (real world species)
i made a digital sketch to 'review the final look while i work on them, they are same size of the PKMN Center Gym Badges so they will look like part of the same collection (i need to order bigger pearls, and also real ones to make tests to see if i end up using real ones, just neet to add the mounting parts for each pearl but i couldn´t resist to try the smaller ones...)
the 4 species of seashelss are from 4 different parts of the world, from Philipnes, Florida, Japan and Hong Kong, i made a mold of the real seashells to try tests on replicas and not damage the original ones.

Middleman or Buying From Carrot Taniya in Thailand?

Hello everyone, it's been a while. I recently saw these products by a company in Thailand called Carrot Taniya. They only sell on Facebook and I don't have FB...
Well, I actually made one to see if I could buy but I can't even click on the products at all while logged in. I think it's blocking me since I'm from the USA? I can click on the products just fine while logged out. I really like their chunky Gengar plush and the backpack. Anybody know of someone that could middleman for me in Thailand or a way to buy these? Ebay only has their Ash and Serena plush. The backpack is currently sold out on FB but they also have a physical store in Thailand.